Here’s What The Original Cast Of Star Wars Looks Like Now

Here’s What The Original Cast Of Star Wars Looks Like Now
Here’s What The Original Cast Of Star Wars Looks Like Now
Published on 10/18/2017
Here’s What The Original Cast Of Star Wars Looks Like Now


Star Wars > Star Trek
The Darth Vader one: Meth, not even once
Upgrades Stormtroopers?
We'll see. We will see if their aim/shooting has improved hahaha.
That moment when you realize photo comments are disabled
Before everyone gets super snarky on here about how they have aged, let's remember the first movie came out in 1977, almost 40 years ago, what will you look like when you're in your mid 60's?
Palpatine still looks the same lol
Stupid music.
Star Wars is the best thing ever
Never seen star wars
I've never seen Star Wars
I laughed more than I should have at Darth Vader
Should have shown Denis Lawson. He was in more Star Wars movies than Lando! He looks very well now
finally the important stuff
The picture of Senator Palpatine/Emperor was from Revenge of the Sith, so technically, that wasn't that old of a picture. Y'all should have used a picture from Return of the Jedi, since he was in it.
Ummm, buzzfeed? James earl Jones was Vader. I don't know who that guy in the costume was ( to big to wear it) but he was Vader.... Lol
yoda? what about yoda?and ben?
Whoa, what happened to you Vader?
Um im sorry but who did it say vader james earl jones played vader
I request a remake I was expecting the cast then vs now not the characters then vs now
Hahaha Darts Vader though 😅
Is it bad that I've never seen star wars not even once in my life and it looks totally fantasy or something to me Or someone else thinks same too?
I hate to nitpick, but...that picture of the Emperor was from Revenge of the Sith, not Return of the Jedi.
But whatever. It's still 10 years.
You should have included the actors from episode 1,2, and 3.
Carrie Fisher's secret is glitter.
And Mark Hamil is still a freaking BABE.
I want him to blast me while using his Joker voice pls.
Star Trek > Star Wars
Lmao the last one
Ew no. C-P3O doesn't look better
Vader... Too soon
Billy Dee was in ESB and ROTJ. He wasn't in Star Wars was he?
You missed yoda
Vader hahaha 😂
darth vader is clearly on drugs... sad.
wow amazing, people get older! SHOCKER!
can't wait for new movie
Why didn't they post this on the 4th? (May the fourth be with you)
May the 4th be with you...
What happend to their facess
Entropy Becomes Us All, It Does! Mmmmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmm!!! :D
Stormtroopers look like the Peacekeepers from the Hunger Games 😂😂
Check it out Dent
I mean, Carrie Fisher definitely had some work done, right? I mean those lips... that nose... right?!...
Brace yourselves here comes the Star Trek fanbase!
Thank the maker it's coming back. I am so hyped!! 😢😢😄😄
Should've posted this on May 4th
Luke Skywalker = Fire 🔥 Lord Ozai
Carrie fisher shocked me a bit. She's changed so much xx
The Vader one made me choke on my food. Hahahaha
What about the sexy Ewan Mcgregor???!

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