Here’s What Female Celebrities Would Look Like With Beards

Here’s What Female Celebrities Would Look Like With Beards
Here’s What Female Celebrities Would Look Like With Beards
Published on 10/17/2017
Here’s What Female Celebrities Would Look Like With Beards


Lol Katy Perry. It suites her.
Kylie actually looks really good with beard, resembles Zayn (from One Direction)
Does anyone else think Kylie with a beard looks like Conchita Wurst?
Why does Katy Perry still look hot asf 😅😍❤️
Katy Perry looks like jared Leto lmao
Somebody got paid to do this. Think about that.
Madonna look like Dumbledore after south beach diet😂
Nahh Kylie Jenner looks like Zayn Malik 😭😂
What drugs is Buzzfeed on? Who thinks of this?
Some of them could be handsome male
Beyoncé still looks good with a beard
Justin bieber should have been on there since she can't grow facial hair lmao
I think you're running out of ideas
Buzzfeed WTF u high?
Why do these girls rock a beard so well, Oprah clause though
Katy Perry with beard looks like Jared Leto <3
Katy Perry = Jared Leto
0.40 better beard than justin anyway
Conchita Wurst already rocks it
Even with a beard, Queen Beyoncé sill looks stunningly beautiful
Lmmfao! Katy Perry's looks good though. Lmao! Selena Gomez looked like Orlando Bloom. Lol
Kylie Jenner + beard= Conchita :) haha
Madonna ! Looks like a man lmao
Anyone else think that Katy Perry looked like Jared Leto? 😕
this is beyond stupid
Is it weird that this bothers me less than the bald celebrities with hair?
How do I get a job at Buzzfeed?
Why do they look good and natural in beards
Kylie & Selena would make hot bearded males😂
Kylie Jenner & Katy Perry Look so Good With The Beards 😂😂
Clearly people have to much time on there hands if they have time to make a video about women with beards.
Didn't even bother watching it. BUZZFEED! YOU. ARE. BORED! Get better ideas..gosh
Omg they all would look hot as men 😂😂😂😂
I mean look at those editing skills.
Great job Buzzfeed.
does anyone else think that katy perry kind of looks like jared leto?
Also, am I the only who's thinking that glamour mixed in with beard is actually quite appealing; different, but very appealing? Totally should be a new trend. lol no kidding
The fuck?!?
Terrible my god
Is everyone at Buzzfeed on drugs?
Kinda stupid.
My dream came true.. i always said "what if everyone had beards.. even celebs"
the music tho
kylie jenner beard
So if you're already beautiful you'll still look pretty even with a beard... fml
So like, if these chicks were dwarves from Middle Earth (the women have facial hair)
Sayem Reza Selena basically has your beard. You guys really are meant for each other LOL
The thing is Katy Perry's looks like she could probably pull it off
DISGUSTING, you forgot that !
Katy Perry looks like leela from Futurama in drag! Lee lemon!
Lol taylor swift 😂

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