Here's to ALL mothers.

Here's to ALL mothers. A beautiful clip by Mercy For Animals.
Here's to ALL mothers.
Published on 12/11/2017
Here's to ALL mothers.
A beautiful clip by Mercy For Animals.


Made me cry.
motherly LOVE is always the same <3 the biggest in the world
This rips my heart right out of my chest.
That was heartbreaking
I will be try close vegan
this moves me..
Wow! I hope a day when this stops
Mercy for animals but what about barma Muslims?
Mercy for Animals .... be Vegan ....Why not take Mercy for Plants .
Both are living creatures one has the senses other has not.
If somebody kills your brother ... it will hurt
But if somebody kills your paralysed brother without senses .. it will hurt more
Think about it
Omg!! This killed me at the end!! Who throws the baby calf in the truck like that!! I'm dying 😢😢😢
Be a vegan,stop killing of other beings.don't deprive there right to live.
O ! Mercy for animals ! No mercy for the Rohingyas ?
Mothers are always great ..
Love you mama ❤️
i really heart this clip
Nice video ..... Love your animals
Heart breaking to see babies taken from thier mother's.... Stop the abuse now! Just say no to cow's milk & animals bodies..
Mercy for animals and what about mercy for human being
Nice video for all mothers
Amazing video for all mothers
beautiful thing ever
Very beautiful video heart touching
What a sad clip. This has to stop
Amazing video for all mothers
Animals have mom. But for humans. Why there not killing. Pls stop killing animals
Be a vegan,stop killing of other beings.don't deprive there right to live.
this whole video for animal there so many childs are taken from there mother and there is so many human are murder have mercy on human then have mercy on animal
Please have mercy to animals
A beautiful clip by mercy for Animals
💔 have mercy on those animals 🙏🏼😭 humans are the most dangerous predator in this earth. we already killed so many animals and destroyed what mother nature gave us.
mercy for made crying the animals like that my chest before like?????
Poor innocent animals !!! God bless them
Plants have feelings too if doesn't bleed when we kill it that doesn't mean it doesn't feel
"choose love "
"Choose human"
"Mercy for animals and plants"
For real? ._. Yeah mother's love is okay, and taking baby animals from their moms is truly not right, but trying to make me vegan, hell no! Ever seen a person telling vegans to start eating meat? No? Then stop this please. (No grudge just telling my opinion)
Very good video, nice, beautiful.
This video clip touches me
so nice choose love for every one and mothers mothers so
Mercy for animals not humen great kill them in barma surya iraq Afghanistan anywhere you want but mercy only for animals
friends what about mothers in burma
how can we live without mothers?
Mercy .for animals show love and affection
This very beautiful Video :)
heart touching video amazing
mothers are Angels............i love my mom

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