Here Are Three Bar Bets You're Sure To Win

Here Are Three Bar Bets You're Sure To Win
Here Are Three Bar Bets You're Sure To Win
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Published on 11/20/2017
Here Are Three Bar Bets You're Sure To Win


My bar tender would kick my ass if i tried lighting something on fire at the bar...
Natasha i love the tricks but I feel like the last one is alcohol abuse lol
the last oneeeeeeee omg hhahaha
i did this and the person threw down 3 shots in 3 seconds. i was still picking up my beer.
i did it yrs ago; pounded the beers but i kept forgetting to cover a shot; the beers and shots were finished in a tie; but she threw up all over me after her last shot just as i was finishing my last beer;i never been puked on; puked on myself but never by someone else
Matthew Tyler Kyle Coutts Eduardo Luis Felix Jon Benjamin
Buzzfeed presents: How to look like a douchebag in public and alienate anyone that's actually hanging out with you.
The first one doesn't work. All they have to do is tell a uddy or the bar tender to grab the glass. The only rule is that you can't touch the glass.
Peter Karreman Nick Bertone Nicholas Del Borrello Daniel Serra Christina Pacaric
Kelli Roche
Jeff Gaunt
Amber Hibberd you and me could make some money of this ;) xx
Galyean Frye Dora Miriam Chadbourne
Locky Suckling Nick Seager Alex Gill Daniel Loupos Arahan Virjee :) try these out!
Jean-Philippe Métivier Hubert Smart St-Louis Yannick Stein Tremblay Felix Chabot
Tyson Aashka Sam Brittany
some new drinking games khuzzys Shannon Collier Germaine Taia JayJay Taia Mason Graham Quinn Runga
Fucking awesome lol Jazmin Oliva Yvette Arvayo Ruben Martinez Diana Gutierrez Jorge Barrera Milica Radmilovic
Jiordan Green Nat Swain Taylah Gilbert Nakita Taurima Kiri Kennedy Madison Peggrem
Patrick Hansen Jens Torp Kofoed Morten Kofod Jørgensen Max Dalén Jensen Stig Killendahl
Jesse GodinoTommy Wee Lass CarrollChris Van CorlerBen RonecChris HibbertLorenzo TarziaRyan Losty
So awesome! Devin Wilson Thomas J Washington Darryson Guillory Brian Ayala James Hahn Charlie Berg Desmond Gutierrez
Alex Pétrin Sara-Ève Carmel Steven Labelle Louis-Charles Hébert Louis-Philippe Lessard Jossua Larrivee Jade Boisvert Ariane Labelle Simon Morin c'est comme les trucs du chum a ariane!! Hahahah
Guillaume Roy
Xanthe Edgecumbe Tonya Garner
Kayla Kaminski Jay Kay Ell
Heather Wynne Melisa Budhna for those pain in the butt people
Fabio Lo Giudice Aaron Bortoletti Ben Lo Giudice
Matt Simons Alexis Gerlach Maddie Chatley Madison Wright
Kyle Anthony Davies Kortney Rhook
Kiarra Burridge Kate Louise Maddison Heales Lauren Kristen Burridge
Hector Ramirez, that first one though!! haha I won nigga :D Suzanna
Saher Khalil Kurt Gaffy Callan O'connor
Manuel Martinez Braulio J. Corrales Samuel Corrales Antonio Vazquez Alfie Crown
Cool tricks for your guys shows George Strader
Amanda Rayman-Grice
Ian Sempill Connor Smith Drew Musgrove
Morgan Campa
Iannick Legault JP Baron Anthony Kfoury
Viviana Lopez Sydney Larayne XD Alicia Stevens Serena Tovar we got to do this
Jake Woodgate Jacob Nettleship Max
Chris Brasseaux Chris Lyles
This is amazing! U guys gotta watch this like for real Justin Shawn Osborn Gage LeRoy Salisbury Devin Gates Jared Edwards
Rikki Kreutz Aynsley TigerLily Christina Dauvin Coll Doll Lyriskah Shewchuk Savannah Simard
New years Katie O'Loughlin Jessica Sullivan
Phil Pharand Gabriel Monette Alexi-michel Charest Maxime Huard Alexandre Cyr prochain party fo essayer cette merde
Jérémie Brabant terrrible caa !!
Christie Galvan Brett Yates
Ryan Collier
Shanay Crichton Alice Wise Marley Clark Lauren Aitken Tylar Blundstone

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