He saved her life!

He saved her life!
He saved her life!
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Published on 11/19/2017
He saved her life!


not fair..she would of made it across.
Well to be honest the lord used him to save his angel....
Yea he seen the car coming and it would of been really close he probably did save her .
When trying to kidnap a girl ends up being a good thing...
haha then a mother with her boy cross the road and the traffic stops
I want to clothesline someone of a bike and get compliments saying I saved someone's life.
She wouldn't have stopped n time... .He saved her...even if he was wrong his intentions was GOOD!! At least he tried...
You idiots, I guess he had all the time in the world to determine if she would have made it or not huh? Some people are just plain stupid.
womens , they don't even know how to ride a bike
I had to watch this a few times to really grasp what happened lol that is one lucky girl!
She fell inlove with him and they lived happyly for
saves her life she turns around with half a mil lawsuit for assault.
She would have made it.. prick
She would of made it lol
Yeah bro saved her life
Good job!
Geez yea your right that car was coming in way to fast
That guy deserves a reward talk about being on the ball. Marvellous
She could of well made that car was no where near
He had eyes on his back? This was assault, he's probably a cop
Pretty stupid not to look first before you try and cross the road you're taught that when your 4 years old !
no, she wouldnt have!good call,he did the right thing!
Perfect.......she wouldn't make it accross.
He was Pissed off! Because she's riding on the pavement! Now we have a hero haha!
Silvia Jauregui
She was hauling ass definitely would made it he did nothing but fucked up her day
She coulda made it only by an ass hair tho lmao
I'll would have been close lmao. He's the man
She would not have made that, it'd be a whole different video if not for him
To be honest I thought he was mugging her...
Idk how he saved her life, she would have made it now she has a sprained ankle
Wow.... how quick.... good shes in God's hand that moment....
She could of made an accident
That car was going too fast, she would not of made that
She would've made it. She had enough time
Ese wuey sabia lo que pasarĂ­a eso es raro mmmm
She would not have made it for sure.
The guy pulled her off becuse light's had changed not because of car he were'nt even looking that way to know car was coming just trying to up hold the law
Melis Avdic
Look closely Lee Kearns
She would have gotn hit
i thought he was trying to jack her purse or backpack. when the straps didnt break and she fell he cleaned it up with the "i just saved your life" excuse
Spider sense!
Zehnyn Castini Jarrett Sherman
No nine times out of ten she would have slowed down in the middle of the street to look both ways but would of been too late.

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