Having Children Vs. Having A Career

Having Children Vs. Having A Career
Having Children Vs. Having A Career
Published on 11/17/2017
Having Children Vs. Having A Career


Ummmm......I am a teacher.....I work long hours.....it is indeed a career and those "three months off" are usually spent doing inservice and extra training. I am also a mother. You can absolutely do both and do both well. My mom was a nurse and a single mom. She was an awesome mom!
I don't want children, ever. Tired of people telling me I'm weird or somehow selfish for not wanting children of my own. Not all women dream of getting married or having a family.
It sucks that we live in a society that makes/expects women to choose between children and a career in the first place!
This was a terrible video. What was the point of this?
Have both?
"She was a teacher...it's not the same." I'm so sick of people acting like being a teacher is not a career. Like it is some cute, volunteer position.
it's just sad that we need to face this kind of question - to go for the family or career... it's not that woman were faighting for from ages!
Eww....how could she be all over that public toilet like that gross all kinda butt germs lol.
I swear... people crack me up... sex = possible pregnancy. Birth control looks like: the pill, condoms, diaphragm, sponge, iud, depo. Birth control doesn't look like: abortions. What a pathetic way out...
I still believe in the right to choose. While it may not a be a choice that I would make to abort, I still believe women have that right and decision. Judging someone on a decision that they feel is right for them is more of what I have a problem with. And now commence the backlash for my opinion in this matter...
I have both.... I don't see why people think they have to choose between having a career or having a family. Its quite sad.
Kill your child because you have a career?? Smh...the height of selfishness. You could get fired tomorrow and then get a new job, but you can't bring back that baby back to life. Ever.
Stupid!! The most selfish one yet!!
Abortion is about life and death. Yes, birth control methods can fail. If you have sex, pregnancy can occur. Grow up, prepare to act like an adult and I don't mean sombody dies. That's an irresponsible choice. Human life has value beyond what you place on it.
You can have both.
Failure buzzfeed. I think this was the stupidest video yet.
Disgusting that even women have given in to the stigma that women are too weak to achieve both motherhood and career. Women are stronger than that. Geez, people...
Men have had both for years. Let's just try to remember gender shouldn't be the determining factor in our life choices 😉
I hate the part where it says thst her man don't have a choice if she wants to abort I think it's unfair how girls can go Scott free of taking responsibility by aborting a baby but if a guy doesn't want a baby he gets child support on him even if he signs over his rights but a girl can kill her baby even if the guy wants it smh
Wow. Way to bash teachers. Think they have one of the hardest jobs around. Taking care of other people's children and teaching them. People who most of the time probably shouldn't have had children. I get where this video is trying to go but there's a lot wrong with it.
I got pregnant with my first daughter when I was 19. I worked 2 jobs through college and I finished my Master's when I was 24. I have a stable, well-paying career, and my student loans are about halfway paid off. I have 2 daughters now.
My mother was addicted to drugs and my father lived in another country. I didn't have financial help from anyone, government included (except for pell grants).
I did it. I'm pro-choice, but if you think you can't do it, I'm telling you, you can.
Can we stop down-grading teaching as a career? I work 10 hour days regularly & that doesn't count the work I bring home. It's NOT a 3 month vacation if much of it is spent doing mandatory professional development or teaching summer school. Teachers' pay is pro-rated through the year to pay for those times off. Try working with other peoples kids all day then coming home to your own before you say teaching moms have it easy.
If you don't want to have a child , use a condom or birth control. It's not fair for you to throw away a child everytime you get pregnant because of your careless ways.
How sad. Let the woman decide. However abortion as birth control or to "get rid of it" is evil. My opinion. I'm sticking with it thank you. I respect a woman who doesn't want a family or kids.
Have both. It's not hard.
I have two little children that I raised on my own for most of their lives. I still worked 40+ hours a week. You can make it work, but it takes a village. A village I dont have so they go to daycare. I will say that children are NOT for everyone. I completely understand the crisis an unplanned pregnancy can cause.
I'm so tired of hearing "it's your body." Not anymore you sharing it now. from the start it's a human life. Women all over the world work full time jobs and raise beautiful healthy families.
We shouldn't have to choose between having a family & having a career, men don't. I definitely hope there is a part 2
Is anybody else incredibly focused on the fact that she didn't flush the toilet?
Had our first baby at 18. Got my Bachelor's and then my Master's without any breaks and had three more children along the way. Now a full time school counselor and have my husband and kids. It's hard sometimes but it's all about balance. You can do both and it is completely worth it.
Wow. I'm not even a woman and this was offensive as fuck.
Feeeelin this video; not sure I want kids ever. Maybe some day but I'd rather have a career for now.
This is stupid. I'm active duty military which is more than a normal full time job and my husband and I are awesome at raising our three kids. They are the reason I get up everyday and do what I do.
This is depressing. The only thing that will ever stay is true riches which are our children and family. I love my babies and I would do anything for them. No job is better than their faces everyday or tiny hands tugging at me.
Everyone gets to decide how they want their family,children or no children💁 stop judging 👊
FB says there are 170 likes, 17 comments, and 1 view. Am I missing something?
People, this isn't necessarily about one or the other. Her two sisters represented both sides giving her information but when it comes down to the wire, she is going to need to make her own decision.
So it's not about the decision itself it's about dealing with the situation head-on.
This is ridiculous. Thanks for dichotomizing career women vs. family women. And making career women seem heartless. Women do both all the time, it's 2015. This video would've probably been more useful 30-40 years ago.
It's crazy that we have to go through this! Every woman has to decide what works for HER life, no one else should be able to dictate that. I would have liked to see how her story had turned out though.
Why do women have to choose? If you want a career and a family, go for it. If you want to be a stay at home mom, go for it. If you don't want kids at all, go for it. It's nobody's choice but your own. End of story.
Bull shit, do both. Yes it can be harder but not impossible. Most of the best things in life do not come easy.
What happened? I hope she chose Life!!
Facebook brings people together in such a beautiful way in the comments sections. Haha.
Yeah not a life or death situation for the mom! Just a helpless life that could possible cure cancer or world hunger....
Oh god, here come the "pro-lifers" ranting about their shitty anti abortion stories and why no woman should ever get an abortion.
Friggen hell, get on with your own life and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.
A woman should not be shamed for choosing to live her own life in opposition to creating a new one. People don't put enough emphasis on how huge of a responsibility having a child is. It's a lifelong commitment. Once you do it there's no going back. Some women (and men) are not attracted to that responsibility. I think children are wonderful, in small doses. I do not want my own, but they are undeniably joyful. No one should be judged for wanting them or not wanting them. It's everyone's personal choice.
Why is it that the *women* should have to give up her career because of their baby. If our society could begin to shift towards seeing the family components of both the mother and father of a baby as equally responsible for the care of that child, then so many women wouldn't have to choose between a baby and a career. Fathers should be considered equally endowed to the child wich in turn could mean giving up their career or supporting enough so that it's possible for a mother to accomplish both. It takes two.
I recently lost a kid because of abortion... Prior to it we talked about it and she promised that she would keep the child throughout the entire pregnancy, but it wasn't until her girlfriends began convincing her to get an abortion that she condidered it a viable option. Its been 5 months now since the abortion and she regrets doing it. Girls... Don't let your friends talk you in or out of a situation such as this. It should be between you and the man and no one else. There will always be people sticking their nosed where it doesn't belong.. If the man says keep it, then chances are he's in it for the long run... I know i was.

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