Have you seen this video post by a Midlands man following a traffic stop in Lexington County, SC? The two-minute clip has gone viral since it was posted yesterday, and it might surprise you. After watching the video, click here to see an exclusive interview with Will Stack: http://shout.lt/0s0W.

#LexingtonSC #TrafficStop #WalterScott #MichaelSlager #NorthCharleston #scnews
Have you seen this video post by a Midlands man following a traffic stop in Lexington County, SC? The two-minute clip has gone viral since it was posted yesterday, and it might surprise you. After watching the video, click here to see an exclusive interview with Will Stack: http://shout.lt/0s0W.
Published on 10/23/2017
#LexingtonSC #TrafficStop #WalterScott #MichaelSlager #NorthCharleston #scnews


He's back! Just days after this video exploded on our Facebook page, Will Stack says he's 'still in shock' at the response to it:
The gentleman in this video is another victim of systematic white supremacy (as all people classified as Black are in this system) who is trying to rationalize his subjugated position. The fact that we are reduced to "giving props" to police from the dominant society who DO NOT physically harm us,is very telling.
First off, to know that certain groups are mistreated and killed by cops at a higher rate than any other population doesn't mean people think all cops are bad. Second, he is fortunate nothing greater transpired, and three, just because a person is in compliance doesn't mean there will not be an escalation. The owness is not always on the alleged offender (or officer) but both are implicated in how interactions develop. But we tend to do get the latter.
Wise words from a wise young man!
R.I.P Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin etc............
Thank you young man! This is prcisely the reason I prefer to give warnings rather than tickets. I feel good every time I can exercise my discretion not to cite and instead use the opportunity to educate the citizenry.
This dude, as well as the cop who pulled him over, give me hope. A citizen doing what he should do in this situation and a cop doing what he should do. If only everyone were like these two gentlemen. <3
I have a great idea, when a black gets pulled over for any misdemeanor crime, cops should be allowed to shoot on sight. Why waste the tax payer's money on a fair trial? These comments are simple in its ideology and stated by a simpleton! That's why the government is taking more and more of your rights as citizens everyday! It's called the black like you syndrome, where blacks feel that these circumstances can't happen to them, until the cops come knocking at your door or your mother's door, then they'll be like "oh that's different!" Funny, the timing of this genious's statement. It's simple, when you shoot someone in the back, even in the wild, Wild West, you were considered a murderer and a coward! I suggest you boot licking. Negros read the poem "And then they came for me!" Peace!
This post is just as ignorant as any racist rant! NO ONE is saying ALL cops Or ALL suspects are good or bad. The point is that there Are IN FACT corrupt cops! Those corrupt cops need to be held ACCOUNTABLE! Anyone putting a label say all cops are bad or all suspects shoukd be shot are part of the problem! People claim they don't see color and yet this kind of video shows that's not true. This guy had an experience that shoukd be the normal experience anyone has with law enforcement. The officer who stopped him did his job and this young man did his. But this "normal" experience does not negate the FACT that there are corrupt cops who don't know how to deal properly with non violent situation dealing with suspects who have committed crimes in which death is not an acceptable solution!!!
Smh. Of course not all cops are racist and out here beating on black people. The issue is there's a LOT of them that are and no one's doing anything about it smh. I don't understand why it's so hard to understand that cops abusing their power is an issue that needs to be addressed instead of glossing over. There are cops just doing their job "protecting and serving" but if they don't even care about the ones that are out of control are they really doing their job?
Although I agree with what he said, I can't deny that there have been times when my husband has been pulled over. I consider him well mannered, respectable, and a good christian man. Yet the things that have come out of some of those officers mouths such as "what ya got on you" "where are you headed this late" ( at 9 Pm?) have always perplexed me. As if they were insinuating that he had to be up to no good. My hubby as always responds with yes sir/no sir. My point is whether those encounters are racially motivated or not sometimes there seems to be this culture of abusing power when you're in authority. Let me say there are awesome police out there but there are also some who in my opinion are in the wrong field.
People are quick to try and catch cops doing wrong on video so they can post it. They are not quick to catch videos of cops doing good because that's boring. This can make the ratio of bad cops to good seem a lot worse than it really is. If you want to decrease your chances of having to put up with the crooked cops, don't commit crimes.
I knew I wasn't the only one. I get called a uncle tom and a coon for saying this though.
I so proud of you for acknowledging that God doesn't see color, & that most police officers are there to do their job and feed their families. I don't know what prompted you to do this video, but bless you for stepping up and speaking the truth. We should see people as God sees people.
It's not about individuals. It's about systems. Our systems are racist.
Such an intelligent, well-spoken young man! If we had more people with this outlook (both black & white), we wouldn't even have this issue. Good job of telling it like it is!
I am so impressed with this young man!
Why are people so quick to point out his age or how is view is flawed?.. Get the good out of the message... People can't wait to throw shade...example
"Wow he won the lottery... Hope he don't blow it"...can the man get a congratulations first before the hate starts...
The trouble with this is that it feeds into a narrative that there really isn't an ongoing problem with racism in the U.S. Whether God sees color or not, way too many white cops do, and they are way too likely to harrass and kill black men. The statistics don't lie.
I agree! Not all white are racist but what's being explained in this video is not the problem. The problem is the improper use of force on black men. There are stupid people who will not comply to law enforcement directions, but that doesn't mean that u need to kill them. Everyone does not deal with situations the same. There is a problem! People are in denial if you don't see that the excessive use of force on black men isn't a problem!
Its people like him that give me hope that this generation will survive.
Very well said young man. God bless you.
God bless this young man. He is someone that has got God's message. There are always going to be bad people, but if you follow what is right, you won't be one of them. I would love to shake this man's hand. We are all humans and we need to stop looking at color.
Statistics say otherwise....
Can I please see more videos like this??? ☺️☺️ the media goes out of its way to make everything seem so racist and violent. This really made my day.
I guess none of you grew up in south philly in the 60's or 70's where if you were a white you were afraid of the cops and if you were black you were scared shitless of the cops. When people have the power over you THEY USE IT. It is human nature
Ok so you mean the little boy in the park with the play gun was disrespectful? Or the little girl shot in the head while she was sleep?? I don't think so this is nothing but damage control!!! How much did they pay this young man for this video??? Smdh
my whole thing is cops shouldn't be praised for not killing innocent people. sure, you shouldn't run from the cops but does running from the cops warrant a death sentence on the spot ? if you're a trained law enforcement office, do you not know how to shoot without intent to kill ? leg, arm ??
March 31, Norfolk, VA- same incident, races reversed, outcome the same. I was in the wrong, driving aggressively on the interstate (proper lane changes w/ signals, but excessive speed)- my son had gotten hurt at school and I was on my way to relieve my wife so she could get back to work. I told this to the officer, he checked my license... I kept my hands at 10 & 2, spoke respectfully and told the truth. He saw my dmv record had positive points and gave me a warning and told me to slow it down and drive safer.
This wasn't about entrapment, or picking on me. They are Law Enforcement. Enforcing the laws we all live by. Show them some respect, they are simply trying to keep the streets safe for ALL of us. Thank you to this young man for this video.
This is under the assumption that most people don't already think just like him? I don't know not one black person who hasn't had "the talk" with their parents about the police he ain't saying nothing that every black person has heard millions of times before and practice. But yet people are still getting killed. Not all cops are bad... Duh just like any group of people are not all the same.
That's stack he went to my high school great guy
This is the kind of response I am teaching my son who happens to reside at one of the colleges in the tension area. Just stay calm and follow directions, be polite after all it's your life on the line. Sad but that's the bottom line young African American Men.
You are an excellent example to all other young people. Praying that you will become a great voice in our country. We need more young men and women like you.
Young man, you are an inspiration! GBU!
Sometimes we all need to be reminded that the insanity going on is not normal and stereotypes are not always true.
Daniella QueenDee McPherson I agree.. But disagree... Because just someone has committed a crime doesn't mean they deserve to die.. And it doesn't matter if he was respectful or not.. Lol it's like a cop can kill you if he doesn't agree with your attitude.. That's just BS... 8 out of 10 cases the men were "unarmed".. Despite if they broke the law or not it doesn't give the cops the green light to shoot.. This guy has NO knowledge on what's really going on.. Because if he did he would've never posted this "irrelevant" video.. I personally have ran into good cops.. I've never had a cop abuse my rights.. But that doesn't take away from all the MURDERS that's happen from cops.
Hey Sharpton...move over and let people like this guy take over. People like him are the solution to the racial problem in America.
That's true. Amen
I concur with every word that the Young Man said. I too, agree that not all officers are bad. I personally am very good Friends with a number of police 👮 officers. Nonetheless it does not take away from the fact that for whatever the reason, there have been a number of minorities gunned down by White officers. Fact: Undeniable. Again it's very unfortunate that the prior actions of a MINISCULE number of officers, tends to take away from the morally upright officers. Flip the script! Change the race of the victims(Caucasian) Change the race of the officers(Black)? I think then and only then, would one better understand the outrage. Just a thought? I speak from a former C/O's perspective. During My tenure as a corrections officer, I Never assaulted an inmate. Never maced an inmate. Not going to speculate as to why I was so fortunate? And in My time as a officer(jail), I encountered some Hairy situations! Remaining alert, using tact, showing respect and showing 0 fear, went a country mile! In My opinion, fear of the unknown and cowardice: Ultimate fear, brings out irrational ations. I've been apart of quelling riots(shanks, etc.) and a few cell extractions. One has to always remain mindful of their actions! Even through major adrenaline rushes!
I'm sick of the race card being thrown around. It doesn't matter what color either of these men are. The fact is, this cop murdered another man. There is no justification, short of the fleeing suspect presenting an imminent threat to society. I don't see how that could be the case here. He certainly wasn't a threat to the cop. The issue of race is irrelevant. Murder is murder. And a cop that uses his civic authority to perpetrate his crime, should face the harshest of penalties.
Anyone who tries to say that this cop was in any way justified, is part of the problem. Yes, there are always two side to every story. The suspect did not comply with the officer, and that is never advisable, but the circumstances in which it may be authorized to use deadly force against a fleeing suspect have not been demonstrated in this case. If you side with this cop because you are white, you're a racist. If you side with the murder victim because you're black, you're a racist. If you side with the cop because you're a cop, you're a thug and should be stripped of your authority. If you side against the cop because he's a cop, you're probably an anarchist who despises authority, and you'll likely end up meeting a similar demise when you push it too far yourself. If you're a human being with a conscience, you see two men making bad choices, ending in murder. I wish the suspect hadn't run, but I wish more whole heartedly that the cop had apprehended him, using the appropriate level of force, giving the suspect the ability to have his day in court. It's just sad that people have a responsibility to their respective communities to either hate on law enforcement, or blindly support them, even when the cop's a murderer.
I admit and acknowledge that there are white racists and some bad police officers all over the country. There are also people out there that need to acknowledge that there are black racists, good police officers, and race baiters. All races and ethnicities have bad apples.
This is COMMON SENSE. So this video went viral because people are impressed by common sense? Not all cops are bad cops, not all McDonald's get your order wrong and not all customer service representatives are rude when you call in. That's common sense. Yall better stop looking at that badge like a cape...police are not super heroes. Some are GREAT at their job some suck at their job and some don't care...these 3 categories of employees are found in every job. I'm so happy this man ran into a good cop but does this video explain away the Tamir rice incident, John Crawford III being gunned down in Walmart or 8 shots in the back? America is impressed with this common sense because there is very little common sense in America.
If you get pulled over don't have an attitude. If you get a ticket then you did something wrong. If you provoke the situation then it's not going to be good and someone can get hurt. All this goes away with some respect and kindness. Life is good unless you make it otherwise. I've taught my kids this. Teach others the same and no problems.
This is a post about a traffic stop that didnt end in murder and we think it should make national news? Its a sad day when 20K people think this is public news! Surprise people, traffic stops should not end in murder! this is suppose to happen Im not praising or rewarding anybody for doing the expected! His great traffic stop doesn't mean there isnt a group of officers across the nation abusing their power and participating in police brutality thats taking human lives!! Im happy for this young man but this video is useless! We know all cops arent killers geeze! Stay focused there is a problem and we need to address it! Cops just need a balance....their word cant be the final and we need to implement a review of all officers or a secondary action so its not "just" their word. I dont have the answer but I do think its a problem that our nation should address n this video is actually sad because we shouldn't need to clarify a good traffic stop is possible!

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