Has anybody ever seen this ??

Has anybody ever seen this ??
Has anybody ever seen this ??
nagyon super love
Published on 11/19/2017
Has anybody ever seen this ??


Yip don't know where u would find one these day tho
Super !!
Pretty cool
Innovative !!! Where is it now ???
Voll cool👍👍👍
sehr gut .
Så må man jo lige håbe at tagrenden holder ???? :-)
Pourquoi ne pas y revenir, je trouve cela génial.
Nagyon jó
Te gek👍👍
Love it I need one of my one
that is just cool!!
Nagyon jó ! Ügyes , mozgékony , praktikus megoldás !
okos dolog nem rossz
I need one :-)
ja už to viděl.To by tady policajti asi koukali.
cool le mec
genial !!!!!!
50 Kg Dachlast max. Sind da bei weitem überschritten...
bitte das Gespräch beim TÜV mitfilmen ;)....
Supermis valla 👍
Nagyon kemény!!! :)
super ingenios
Pas pire.
dude hulle noem dit n karafaan...
.. Wonderful magnificent are so cheap I love it
Honey you always wanted to take me camping and it is easy for you to drive you can go in any direction and you will never get lost you can drive this baby around in circles. I am so glad I found this idea I am listening to you now you have my attention. Honey I am so excited to go camping now hahahaha loving you now.
C'est spécial
Until a slight bump on the highway unlatched the trailer ... Probably why you don't see this today
as Jeremy Clarkson says i hate the roulotte : i love the camper 😃
Soooooo COOOOOL👌👌👏👏👏👏🙀For sure"...😉😉😉
Anne Daverveld aaaaa in het rood en dan touren maar
That's cool back in the day.
Bogdan Zazgarskiy
Pas trop dure à stationner c'est hot
J'en veux un...
Daniel Smith
Dutchmans 5th wheeler camper

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