Harry Potter Fans Try Harry Potter Potions

Harry Potter Fans Try Harry Potter Potions
Harry Potter Fans Try Harry Potter Potions
Published on 10/20/2017
Harry Potter Fans Try Harry Potter Potions


''this is preventing us from turning into the werewolves that we're not'' - ''that you are not.'' GENIUS ANSWER. I wanna date that guy! #PotterheadFOREVER
Can someone open a Harry Potter bar only serving Harry Potter themed cocktails and food?
"I would want to turn into Beyoncé hands down" lmao.
I tried Butterbeer at the studios - it's amazinggggggggggg
I wish to watch Harry Potter now thanks
drinking party harry potter movie marathon ?
Just screenshot every recipe.
If these didn't have alcohol in them, I'd be so keen to try them!
Why is everyone Gryffindor? Like... Wtf.. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
So only Gryffindors and no Firewhisky? No draft of the living death? No pumpkin juice? No Drink of Despair? Dragon's blood?
"Tastes like an alcoholic salad"
Doesn't polyjuice potion vary in taste depending on who's DNA you use?
I had a butterbeer recipe made with butterscotch schnapps and cream soda. I can't remember what else was in it, but that shit was delicious! Definitely trying the apple cider/ginger beer take on it though.
"I'm a potterhead.... Assio" Umm.... no
The fact that Accio is said multiple times in the series. I'm pretty sure it's one of the most easiest spells to know and pronounce lol....
Where was the Firewhiskey that ron wanted to buy at the Hogs Head?
Why are they all Gryffindors? How lame... Slytherin for life..
How drunk would they have been after this video was shot?
they are not the harry potter fans.... they are the same idiots from every other buzzfeed video :p
The girl in the glasses is majestic AF.
What the hell is on his hand.... ??
Why are they all wearing Gryffindor scarfs. Do they know there are 3 more houses in Hogwarts. I don't think they are real Harry potter fans! Sorry. Plus that guy said Assio instead of Accio...
Even though you can't drink, let's make these together and drink them anyway 😅 I'm sure there's some type of exception considering it's Harry Potter 💁🏼 Abigail Allred
OH MY GOD. I want to try ALL of these now... IMMEDIATELY. Now. RIGHT NOW. Who's throwing our Harry Potter drankz party? Any takers?
YASSS! Found it! I need all that shit to make them 😂🙌🏽 might as well watch the first films and play the Harry Potter drinking game 😂👌🏼🤗
Ooooh he said it twice. Once is a mistake. Twice? Not ass-eptable.
Why does everything have to be alcoholic? Why can't people come up with clever ways to make these virgin?
Danyou'll Figohne new plan for the weekend...making these and having a Harry Potter marathon
This was highly enjoyable. Borderline magical.
Im just here to read all the comments about him pronouncing accio wrong. lol!
"Get out of my way i'm going to fly" said no true witch ever.
Sam Beamish can we try making these?! I like them cause Harry Potter you like them cause alcohol.. It's a win win
Sheila Briggs We need to have a Harry Potter party!
Dani Hyman, I just found the theme for my birthday party next year. It would totally just end up me and you lol
Didn't put hair into the polyjuice potion therefor you look like yourself
Caleb Mudie I've had butter beer at Hogwarts in orlando @ universal, we have to try and make it!! You'd love it
I can't get over the fact that that guy said accio wrong. It bothers me so much.
Looks like a Harry Potter marathon tonight! Thanks Buzzfeed lol!
Assio? Im pretty sure a potterhead would pronounce the spell correctly xD
This video need to be captioned.
I'm kind of offended that they're all Gryffindors... What about representation for the rest of us?
Roger Diaz Angeles Flores-Casas Andrea Casas can we start planning my 21st birthday cause I think I just found the theme. ⚡️
"Thats some high quality shit" best line
I'm absolutely amazed that "Up all night to get lucky" isn't the tag line for Felix Felicis.
I stopped watching after butterbeer came on the screen. It's not a potion.
I'm so disappointed that none of them pronounced ACCIO correctly. 😔 but I can't wait to try all these potions!!
"Tastes like an Alcoholic Salad" killed me badly lol
I'm pretty sure every Potterhead knows how to pronounce Accio.
I'm so offended that they're only wearing Gryffindor colors...

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