Harmonizing with the sis

Harmonizing with the sis Vine By: Nash Grier
Harmonizing with the sis
Published on 10/19/2017
Harmonizing with the sis
Vine By: Nash Grier


O lord. He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
And here comes the "OMG he's so cute"comments
My computer shut down from all that swag.
someone doesnt know what harmonizing is..
Better than Miley Cyrus.
I had to punch the wall to feel manly again
everyone is feening over the brother like thristy bitches and here I am thinking the sister is so adorable <3
is anyone jealous of his eyes
His eyes
┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) <3 Cute kid <3
Just a random helicopter passing through...
..........╭╬╮ ◢
...........╙O ╙O
Damn, he has beautiful eyes
"swagga" LOL His eyes are beautiful
Lmao that "swagger hand whip"
Cute (:
I think its adorable.. Idk why others are being disrespectful. Their just having fun, plus its just a kid. calm yo shit .-.
who watched this more than once ?
both of them have beautiful eyes.
his eyes >>>
Any body else think the guys eyes are beautiful?
i love his eyes ufhh <3
Don't click on edited.. i said something disrespectful and horrible.
oh my goodness! That boys eyes are so handsome!
When she was born, he immediately knew that she had an inordinate amount of swag
did any1 else notice how pretty his eyes are ?
Those eyes doe !
That wasn't harmony.. In order to harmonize, you two have to be singing at the same time.
Those eyes.
That's not harmonizing
hes hot <3
ohmigoodness. this is soooo cute!!! the guy has realllyyy pretty eyes
O.M.G His eyes *o*
Don't click "Edited"! I wrote something dirty.
is it just me or are his eyes amazing Laura
like if you watched more than twice
Omg, his eyes :O i love them!
i had to play it over n over again.. she just to cute
His eyes tho
This is not harmony..
O Deus , que linda ! *-*
Soo cuutee !
Preciosa <3 y el tipo uff<3 Lupita Malik Katy Rodriguez Ale Villalon
his eyes * _ * <3
The Boy Peerfect *_*
Lil wayne better take notes

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