Haha I can not stop laughing!

Haha I can not stop laughing!
Haha I can not stop laughing!
lol fake ball
Published on 10/20/2017
Haha I can not stop laughing!


FAKE !!!!
Hahaha ma dire comme tu dit c drole pareille lol
what s a fucking fake, didint you see that?
What a load of shit how fake was that well that 2 mins of my life I wont get back
ya its a fake
Fake but funny...$$$😂😂😂😂😂
Didn't even hit him in the balls it barely got like his knee area. This is dumb
Doamne ce prost !😁
2 kill
They are drunk!
Good actors.. Fake
schválně že zakopl lol :D
ja fake
Couldn't look anymore staged if they tried....very very poor actors
ludo ...
haha-znao je namerno
He got a long ways didn't he,haha.
Aoi skaudejo.......👀
Fake. Plikpauris sper soli tik uzmanīgi, ka ticamības monents zūd
@jacob lodahl
Totally FAKE
fake as fuck!!!!!!!!!!! useless!!
Not funny!
Dumb and dumber
Fake!!!! :@
He must have a long ass ball sack!
c du faux tres mal filmer
Hi hi
So fake , it don't hit Jos balls 😂
Kasper sloth
Take big fake
This remind ofEamon Mc Clorey and Shannon Kelly .lol
Tomica Lukic i nas stari otac 😂
Arne Petter Sørensen 😂 dehærr e vell dåkker på jobb?
idioti !!
Lol lol😂😂😂😁
No his fucked
hhahahaha tipico
Anyááád :D
For the guys??? Does it really hurt that bad!!! How would u explain the feeling?? I'm really curious!!!
he think the viewer are stupid not to see in the knee area only who make this video is stupid the poor old
they are the stupid one
they are the stupid one

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