Guys Try Rompers For The First Time

Guys Try Rompers For The First Time
Guys Try Rompers For The First Time
Published on 10/21/2017
Guys Try Rompers For The First Time


Where can I buy the one Eugene was wearing?! I love it!
The peeing factor is most definitely an issue. Added risk when out in public and latch on doors are broken, because you are literally ass-naked on the loo.
I adore how much Eugene knows about fashion 😍
"Are these like easy access to your nipples" 😂😂
eugene literally looks good in everything.
My greatest accomplishment when I lost weight was being able to actually look good in a romper and not like a stuffed sausage! Rompers are so comfy when you actually can wear them.
Bahahah the guy was putting his arms through the hanger straps hehehhehe
Eugene didn't even look like he was in a romper. It looked like a leotard!
The end with Eugene dancing to "single ladies" def the best part. Hahaha 😂
I liked the blue romper guy. You could see his bulge popping out. Sorry I'm a perv
Omg the package on the guy in the blue long legged romper 😂 was wondering where the camel toes were lol.
Idk but anything with Eugene being half naked is fine by me 🙌🏽💯
find that ginger and send him to me!
I am sad that Eugene looks better in that than I ever would....
I'm thinking there's no way a guy will look good in a romper, then cue Eugene.
Can we talk about the "man-print" on that guy in the light blue tube top, pants romper tho? Sheeeesh--I saw EV-ER-Y-THANG!!!!
Eugene brought his own romper.
I hate rompers....I wore one once and I felt like a baby in a onsie only there's no buttons down there and when I had to pee I had to strip. Plus the word romper just sounds childish
I'm so jealous Eugene looked better than I would in a romper lol
lol Loved it haha.. maybe they should make rompers for guys now ;)
Why are guys trying on rompers? Geigh.
I just really want to work at buzzfeed and be in these videos...
"I think girls where romper a to brunch?" Lol.
Where's the old Buzzfeed guys? I don't like most of these new guys :(
Wow buzzfeed you guys are really reaching with these now.
Omg. That last shot of the guy in the mint green jumpsuit. 🙈
I just love these guys.
These guys are hilarious. And they're not even trying.
Still waiting for BuzzFeed Try Journalism For The First Time...or just anything relevant really. wait how about something clickbait...
Awesome !! && such sweet guys lol
Eugene is always the fan fave lol
so loved watching these guys
"It definitely needs a butt flap" 😂😂😂
Where did they buy these rompers? Some of them are seriously cute!
"I feel like I'm a member of ABBA." Hahaha! Oh gosh! I really love ABBA! "Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine!"
The one wearing the white romper was totally working it <3. I wanna buy that one.
That awkward moment when Eugene looks better in a romper than I would.... haha
They actually look really good #guysinrompers2k15
Eugene is a drag star in the making. LOL. But he cracks me up EVERY TIME!
Eugene looks good in everything
Rompers are my fave!
why did I just watch this?
I never realized how much I hate the word romper until I watched this video. I know, I'm weird. Lol
these rompers fit better on most of the guys than they do on girls. Which tells me something about the way they are made and for what body type
Rompers are only useful in situations where you don't have to use public washrooms :p
Why does Eugene look amazing 😩
I like the red heads romper wear can I get it?
I liked the romper Eugene tried on
Was I the only one who saw the boner on the guy with the turquoise romper? hahaha
A little too excited at 1:55 :/

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