Guys Try Iconic Facial Hair

Guys Try Iconic Facial Hair
Guys Try Iconic Facial Hair
Published on 10/21/2017
Guys Try Iconic Facial Hair


"I feel like your the guy on the other end of a chat room who's like age/sex/location" TRUE
"What if under this beard was another super cool beard" lol
"Try not to have an orgasm"
"How to shave your beard like a man....
You don't. You don't shave your beard" 😂😂😂
Buzzfeed always shares positivity so thank you 💗
We need it at times likes this😝👏
Racing stripes! 😂
mutton chops looked great on those guys
Your not your beard. But your beard is you.
I love beards though! Team beard
"This is like a toy that guys get to play with that they grow on their face."
Yes. Yes, it is.
Was I the only one waiting for "the Hitler" to make an appearance?😂😂
Why are these the cutest couples to ever exist!
The dark haired guy rocked those mutton chops!
The guy with the fake facial unconvincing, shouldn't have even been part of the video.
Idk buzzfeed, this was a pretty "hairy" situation to put these guys in 😂😂😂
Lol... Just say no to facial hair
Always rock the full beard with the handlebars
buzzfeed i love all your videos..i wish you guys upload your filipino junk food, food taste video here in fb..thanks
That last couple was hilarious! Especially the guy! Funny stuff.
What about the hitler?
I'd f**k me😂
Bren Norman I feel like you could have schooled these guys in showing them how to try different beard and mustache styles while shaving off your beard!! They missed out on SO many different styles!! More than a little disheartening.
I want a beard!!! :'(
"What is under this beard was another super cool beard" XD my favorite thing ever
"try not to have an orgasm" hahahaha
Depending on the man and the beard, it can be sexy or creepy.
Cameron "What if underneath this beard was another really cool beard?"
Beards make panties drop, DO NOT SHAVE THEM.
Mmmm....Needs more Eugene.....
Less is more? Nope. BEARDS ALL THE WAY! Lol.
They look better with beards
Is it just me but when the one who had that bull bit is so handsome once he shaved all his hair off
The A/S/L Comment was the best part of the video. 😂😂
"Try not to have an orgasm"😂😂😂
That so IS Adam!
Less is definitely not more!
It was at that moment she knew he fucked up. #youdonegoofed
I love it. Haha
I don't know what's wrong with these chicks, mutton chops are freaking SEXY! As are side burns!
Beard or clean shaven i.m.o.
I usually hate my husband and his no shave November till jan shit. But this last round I kinda liked it and had him keep it as long as it didn't get fucking crazy wild. I don't know why I like it now.
So, in the end he became Bruce Willis...
Is it just me or did that one girl look like the "Stupid Tall Hot Girl" from The Guild
Both those dudes had great beards!
I think all the guys look bad with their beards gone. I trimmed mine down shorter then it has been in years and I feel naked.
Anything but naked face...*shudders* have hair. Do it. Always.
what if underneath the beard is another super awesome beard

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