Guys Recreate Kim Kardashian's Butt Photo

Guys Recreate Kim Kardashian's Butt Photo Warning: NSFW, because lots of butts. With Keith Habersberger and Eugene Lee Yang
Guys Recreate Kim Kardashian's Butt Photo
Published on 12/10/2017
Guys Recreate Kim Kardashian's Butt Photo
Warning: NSFW, because lots of butts.
With Keith Habersberger and Eugene Lee Yang


If I ever have a job where I don't strip naked at the office, I'll know it's not real life.
You know... If you don't have the sound on... it could pass off as a gay porn.
These guys are so damn confident, it's so fucken awesome!!!!
Ruby Burrows "I feel like a sexy librarian, your books are overdue 👌😂"
"Today your paycheck depends on you showing your ass to the entire internet. You're welcome." says imaginary BuzzFeed people.
"ooh you have an overdue notice.." HAHAHAHA!
As a guy. If I was kim husband. I will never improved this. I don't how did Kayne let this happen. He a idiot. baka baka baka.
'does this make me look more like a sexy librarian?'... ' oooh, you have an over due notice...' LOL!!! hahaha
"Hell yeah! I feel exposed and degraded but also a little sexy"
Amanda Danielle your panties are wet from the asian haha
Did anyone else see the photoshop at the end that made their butt's bigger? Hilarious!
Guys who so are comfortable with their sexuality that they let other guys oil their butts are the best.
These guys look better than her because they're not fake and plastic smh
her photo was down right vulgar...not because of her nudity...but because the photo was soooo photoshopped that she looksed liek a total freak..
Oh buzzfeed you never cease to make distasteful things of the Internet hilariously pleasant ~ <3 😍
so sad you're giving this stupid bitch attention. she's a mother for crying out loud with her ass hanging out! What is it with American culture!? What talent does she have? Seriously- NONE. And since when does having a huge arse mean anything?! And her husband is a proper asshole-
Amber Encinia "I feel exposed and degraded, but also a little sexy😏"
The asian dude was far better lol
Lol...I love when they photoshopped the dudes...I wonder what her original pic looked like! Lol
"Exposed and degraded but a little sexy!" 😂
Lmao "are you art directing me" Christina Baumer Elisa Violette
OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I cannot handle much more laughing from these dudes working together on videos. My stomach seriously hurts from laughing so hard!!! THEY ARE FREAKIN HILARIOUS TOGETHER.
"Ooh, you have an overdue notice." 😂
Sexy librarian "ohh you have an over due notice " -dies-
I wish I could like this video 100 times!
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Peter Fay
Shannon Cliff
Kelsey Ann XD
Lmao I want friends like them hahaha Lucero Corrales
You would like guys' butts Matt
Hahahaha. Autumn Hermany
wth is going on in the world....Faryal Rafiq Rajaa Mourabet
Jessica Neher Hahahhahahahah
Devan Antram Audre Romant Alyson Weaver
Erin Ryan
Hahah XD Sandra Zambrana Juanky Row Buy Na Michael Festa
Phoebe Giles hahahaha
Kimberly Camacho duuuudeeeee yaaaaassss 😍😂😂🙌
Jovaana Amezcua really? You are doing this now?
Ceci Loza Ligia Vega
Sky Marie Francella Rissa Renae Rowsom
Jennifer MacPhee LOLOLOL 😂😂😂😂
Mandy Brambora watch this instead
Carlos Aguillon
Martin A Piñon

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