Guy Smashes PS4 At Release

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Guy Smashes PS4 At Release
Published on 11/24/2017
Like and share if you think console abuse needs to STOP. Support the cause.


i think this is funny.
and i want a ps4
Minute video.. People comment in 15 seconds. Fuck logic!!!
best unboxing ever
Congratulations, you just pissed away $400.
its remains are still better than xbox one
The guy who took the controller-F*** yeah two free controller!
I love the ps4 and hate XBOX..but honestly, it doesn't matter if it was an XBOX or ps4..console abuse should not be you gain anything from it affect others other than your only hurting your self and your morals as a gamer.. Your time and money has been wasted on destroying something great.. I pity you..your friends..and
but if you look at it this way, some lucky guy got a controller and another got the free $30 content :P
Sony still got his Money they aint mad
Kind of sad really, kids out there wanting a console for Christmas, or people saving for ages and you get some nob head trying to become viral, should of been fucking swallowed you waste of spunk.
disposable income must be nice
Good thing it was a PS4 and not a WiiU
should have been the xbox one
Welp, another 400 dollars goes to Sony
I think the Glorious PC Master Race is starting to get a bit facist.
sheer stupidity, take that money (what about $400) and do something good with it. buy and donate food or clothes, or to a really good charity. sure, destroying a new PS4 may make you feel good, but not as much as the good you can do.
lol he did it because the ps4 is worthless.
That best buy looks sketchy as fuck.
how much did bill gates pay him
some people have too much money to spend...
I like the guy who keeps yelling "Woo!" every pause.
not amused
playstaion 1 xbox 0 on sales of idoits buying them to smash it. End of the day sony can smile knowing it was still sold
so he spent $400+ just to smash a ps4? what a waste of money.
They be hatin cause dey know Ps4 is better
Console wars.
This is why I PC. Infinitely upgradable and no retarded lines to fight through on new console release.
the chick in the black jacket..............that ass though
who spends 450 dollars just to smash it in front of a line of people, he could of at least used a weapon or something.
psycho lvl: undefined.
Console fanboyism needs to stop.
happens all the time. deal with it
The people cheering were really just crying on the inside
And he walks back in a buys an xbox one.
lol that guy who smashed it just went full retard
lol he should have used the money to buy clothes that didn't make him look like a crack addict.
1000 years from now when people want to look back at our consoles there won't be as many to look at or study when they get destroyed like this. You're destroying our culture and history. Console abuse needs to stop.
These console wars are getting WAAAY out of hand! I say we call a truce and all just game together...or team up and fight the PC bastards.. Whichever works best.
love the whoooo guy
i would have taken the dualshock 4

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