Guy Catches Ball During Interview!

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Guy Catches Ball During Interview!
Published on 10/23/2017
Guy Catches Ball During Interview!
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this video wud be soo much better if he didnt catch it
you think this fake??
Fake as jordans tits
Thats why he is pro
check the reactions of the other players, its fake as anything
It's definitely fake, his hand went to the location of the ball b4 he turns around
Sweet move my friend
Dnt be hatting on him jst cuz u cant do it aight
It's a viral ad
how can it be fake,You can see ball coming towards him!!!!
Badass lol
He saved her life!
Fake and gay
That was her head!
Ya... fake. Unless hes spider man
that was the shittt . loloool going for her dome
It's a Gillette advertisement and none of it except the stadium lights is real. The rest is computer generated images (CGI). Read the snopes link. Do you think Ironman is real too? SMH.
even if its staged its still a bloody clean catch!!
Mr. Terry, the ball isn't real; the catch isn't real; the banners are not real. The only real thing is people's gullibility.
Definitely fake! What kind of idiot would do an interview just off the foul line during batting practice. Also, if it were true, the reaction of the other players would be more like "Holy Sh*t, it almost killed them!"
It's staged but even so it's a real catch. And pretty impressive at that.
No, it's not "staged." The friggin' ball doesn't even exist.
Let me state this as a former claims adjuster turned attorney:
No insurance company would underwrite the risk of that "ball" hitting someone's head, and no attorney would allow such a staging for fear of the lawsuits.
Think about it. Just a little. Just a tiny bit.
Fail awesome videos...
Holy crap amazing
Really still posting same old videos everyone has seen... This page has become so boring #unlike
Hahaha how did you manage to creep in on this Christopher Dillingham it may be fake but you managed to put a lawyers spin on this . Now thats some tallent right there .
I agree with LaRinda page getting boring unlike
Yep fake. Hand comes up to catch before is eyes even sees what's coming. Nice editing tho....
dang thats good :D
if that wasnt setup, then....AWESOME reflexes
Fake in a good way ... Some fake things are just dam wrong
No he had a good eye.. can see little of back of shoulder..
Fake, good, but fake. Snopes. Com
that would have fucked her head up, no lying
thats going to be me
It's fake
Good but fake
Great Catch Evan...
That's freaking AWESOME!

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