Guy BFFs Recreate 100-Year-Old Bromance Photos

Guy BFFs Recreate 100-Year-Old Bromance Photos
Guy BFFs Recreate 100-Year-Old Bromance Photos
Published on 12/10/2017
Guy BFFs Recreate 100-Year-Old Bromance Photos


Me and ma best friend, Leith Habersberger
Bromance, nothing really gay about it
Not that there's anything wrong with being gay
Bromance, you shouldn't be ashamed or hide it
I love you, in the most heterosexual way lmao
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon NEED to do this.
Anyone else notice in featuring it says "Leith Habersberger" Oh poor Keith!
Keith and Chris are the fucking best.
"Have you read those articles that Dad bod is in now?"
"Yeah, thank God" lol 😂
I was about to crack a joke on Sodium but Na
I don't see what the big deal is, my and my boys do this all the time 😉
Even if you're gay you can be very close with a guy without having feelings about him. I have straight friends and I'm always hugging them and leaning my head on their shoulders and there's nothing odd about it.
People are very fucking immature.
Most of the guys are like "no, I'm staying dressed"/"I'm pro clothes" and the next frame is Keith taking off his shirt. #teamkeith
"hey! stop.. that's gay!" - Kevin Hart voice
Nothing wrong with some man on man lovin! Lol girls do it, guys should too!
"there was more of an innocence", I agree with that.
Good..good.. Let the bromance flow through you!!
Lol my boyfriend and his friend are one step away from full gay together haha. If you're too manly to hug, you're being silly!
If people weren't so homophobic, these photos would be very casual.
We've done this Corey Moran lol. (guys posing for pictures and talking about it, no real need for CC)
2:33 . Looks nearly exactly alike omg
this is so.....hahahaha
The ultimate bromance: J.D and Turk.
What do ya say Chris Stanul? Should we recreate these photos lol
Back in time it was more real friendship like siblings, nowadays you are to be called gay if seen this with a friend.
Personally I think 100 years ago hanging on your best friend that is also a man was a big deal. Today? Not so much. We are a lot more open about affection.
Andrew Silva can you imagine taking pics with someone like this!! Lol
Evan we have to recreate one of these photos!!
Credits: *Leith Habersberger* LOL
HA! This made me laugh so hard when I started to picture you and your friend lol Guy-Serge Gnande Zleh. Where is the bromance at?! 😂😂😂😂😂
Trang Nhung bromance but not like this. Bromance is when I see you, I be like "sup Nhu". Bromance is when you need me, you be like "Sinh ơi đi sinh". Bromance-in another level
I love these guys lol 😂
Aquí deberíamos estar tú y yo! Mejores amigo recreando fotos de mejores amigos de hace 100 años Mauricio Narvaez! No creo que nos de pena hacerlo hahaha peores fotos nos han tomado hahahaha
I know many guy friends who do these things XD hahahah
How sweet! Guys need to be more okay with showing affection. It's doesn't make you gay to love your friends and show them you care. Ain't no shame in it.
lol they couldn't have picked better pics to reenact.
I would like to see straight brothers of color do this!?
Keith is the bigger of the two yet he's the one sitting on the smaller dude.
There nothing wrong with showing affection for those who are close to you. Men hugged all the time back in the day and it wasn't unheard of to peck your friend on the cheek for a guy. Being stereotyped is what men began to fear. Innocence of affection in a friendship has slowly gone away. And it should come back. Everyone could use a hug no matter what.
This is my honest opinion. ..and someone gonna be extreme and be like "how dare you, is that a problem" fall back and take a nap......that shit wasn't called's called being gay. Same sex relations ain't new...they been doing it forever.... lol bromance...lies
They spelled Keith's name wrong, Leith.
Chris and Keith are friendship goals, lol
Gays have ruined straight people bromance
Pack sand, see ya......
i swear buzzfeed is half the reason i get on fb lolol
It feels more than a Bromance, 'cause you guys had lost a big part of how to express your feelings, that includes brothers and friends.. I don't see anything wrong.
When people think we're gay...
Javier Longduck Dong Ambriz Why can I imagine you and Jairo doing this
That was sweet and funny, LOL
Dude.. Buzzfeed is getting waaay too gay for my tastes... Srry but a lil too comfortable!!!
I ship it

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