Guy Best Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time And It’s Awkwardly Hilarious

Guy Best Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time And It’s Awkwardly Hilarious
Guy Best Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time And It’s Awkwardly Hilarious
Published on 10/19/2017
Guy Best Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time And It’s Awkwardly Hilarious


Buzzfeed is running out of ideas..
I imagine this is what it's like for women. Only we don't try to helicopter our penises. Because we are much classier than that. Our penises have tea together.
The amount of awesome awkward. I like all the homophobes getting uncomfortable.
Lol lot of insecure shit going on. I've seen every one of my best friends naked, part of being a masculine male. We've had the "helicopter off" time and time again, what the fuck does it matter? Strip poker, drunk hot-tubbing with some of the ladies in our circle, naked snow angels, streaking, skateboard-streaking...part of not giving a shit, being comfortable with your best fucking mates.
"wow no wonder he gets all the ladies" 😂😂😂😂
Why would guys agree to this?! Buzzfeed, bro, you need better ideas.
Buzzfeed isnt running out of ideas. Aint easy trying to constantly think of shit that will entertain a very critical audience.....I think this is hilarious xD
People commenting about it being gay and wondering how they can agree. Maybe these people know where their sexuality stands. They know they are straight enough to do this and those against it are the type that often question their sexuality. 😂
I thought this was hilarious. It wasn't gay. It was two best friends seeing each other naked. It was awkward and funny. Love it.
Bahahaha! "I shouldn't have laughed." "Nice... Haaaair-do."
This is so funny to me because I feel like the majority of girls are NOT awkward about this. Lol.
Only white people would do some shit like this 😭
Helicopter break 😂😂😂
People really should be more comfortable around each other like this. Nothing scary or shameful about nudity. Its pretty natural.
This is male bonding at its best. This is not gay or straight or bi for that matter. It's guys being guys and expanding their trust and respect in their friendships. Cool shit.
really weird video idea....
I fucking spit out my water when they zoomed in on the guy who said "I'm glad we did this" Kaila Vizcarra 😂
HAHAHAHAHA omfg. I'm dying. The "we are naked. We are best friends" song at the end was the highlight of this.
If you think this is gay, you might want to check a dictionary. Being gay involves male sexual attraction to another male. That's all it is. Being naked near another male, doesn't make you gay. If that was the case, every guy who plays a sport is gay. Cause you know, locker rooms? If you're uncomfortable, you might want to check where your sexuality stands. Every encounter doesn't need to be sexual.
How can they be friends for years and haven't seen each other naked?
To girls that I meet like 5 seconds, I would be like "Wanna go toilet together?" And then we share toilet together.
That's how female make friends.
They broke several of the bro codes.... Smh
but are you REALLY best friends if you haven't seen each other naked before?
If any of them had an erection, that definitely would be awkward.
Kat Wheeler "Should we do a helicopter off right now?" 😂😂😂😂😂
Lol its so funny with girls if your best friend hasn't seen you naked she's not your best friend lmao
I can't think of a single guy who would think this is ok
Um, okay so I guess I'm going to bed now.
Ummm... Was I the only one that thought this pointless? I wouldn't want to see my best friend naked or be nude in front of her nor hug her like that. I doubt it would make us closer. This was awkward for me as the viewer and it would seem for the participants.
The only thing that was running through my mind was ... what the fuck... lol
Thomas Christopher-Perfect Tozier Gloria Irene-Hatch MacDougall Kayla Patriquin omg I just died!!! "It's so much better when it's moving!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Are....are you guys running out of things to make videos about? I feel like you're running out of ideas to make videos about.
Screw all of you saying this is weird and asking why they did it. This is fucking hilarious.
this is the gayest thing ever. Brandon Watson
Buzzfeed is just getting weirder and weirder. It's still hilarious, but f*cking weird.
"It's so much better when it's moving..." :D HAHA!
This is just weird.
That is the most awkward thing I think I've ever seen! And I feel awkward for them lol
This was .... amazing.... Humans are great.
"If only you guys could see thus at home" and "it's so much better in motion" are definitely the best comments. Those are true best friends. Ashli Curtis
See everyone is saying this video is about male bonding but last time I checked seeing your best guy naked wasn't on the list of things needed to bond with your bestie. Don't get me wrong, I mean whatever they did the video, I guess I'm just missing the point of the video?
Imagine if we did this, so awkward and embarrassing Tom Hallissey Corey Ryan Joel Penders Moe Chipszlak Ron Woodsley James Bodman Thomas Blencowe Hugh Cowan Connor McGoverne Gavan Allen Nathan Dunn Angus Stubing Liam Slater Lochie McShane Jack Sutton
when will we see the girls get naked too?
This is the gayest thing of the gay thing ever
Girls can see each other naked and it's not "gay" for some reason. I think it's neat that buzzfeed might be trying to help guys get that too.
Joyati Akter omg when that guy said take one step back and then shoot though i bursted out laughing so hard 😂😂😭
I've seen my best friend naked before sometimes you take a piss while their in the shower, shit happens.
Chloe Galley Tayla Baker Cassandra Bowler Katelyn Tate Cortni Burton Summer Millar
Samii Avdic um you see me naked every day of my life
" you look good naked, man" lmao Wally Ligpit
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