Guinea Pig Run At The Japanese Children's Zoo!!!

Guinea Pig Run At The Japanese Children's Zoo!!!
Guinea Pig Run At The Japanese Children's Zoo!!!
Published on 11/20/2017
Guinea Pig Run At The Japanese Children's Zoo!!!


Winner doesn't get eaten!
Choosing their dinner
Werid? :/
Puszczają świnki morskie na pokaz dzieciom a potem zabijają nie humanitarnie tak jak bezbronne psy. Piepszony naród, żeby tych wszystkich skurwieli zabijajacych niewinne psy szlag trafił!
Running Sushi ? 😂
Nice roasted them feckers🙈🙉🙊
I'd probably snatch one off the table thing and run
El postre jajajaja
And then they eat them
ajja q rico comer cuy jajajja
Ew all I'm reading is people saying for the chinks to eat them lol... Well you never know what the chinks will do 😒
That last one looked tasty.
Big ass things
How can there be a winner if they are all running in a straight line?
OMG !!
they haven't ran away yet xD
Que bonito!!
Lunch Buffett.
yall are racist
Brooklyn Prill
Elise Saunders
Är det mat på gång?????
It's actually the cafeteria line
Lig Popieram cie
Co to jest kurwa ,to jest straszne ludzie nie zdają sobie sprawy z tego co robią To nie jest zabawne Ta. Świnka tez ma zycie swoje zycie !,,,,,,!,,,!
All you can eat?;-)
Kyle Dewey is like a fucking buffet running in front of me 😍 lol
Wtf is the point of this?
Where do they run to...the kitchen?
Only works in Japan. If this is done somewhere else assholes will be pushing some of them off from the track, and by the end of the track 1 quarter of them will be missing, and then later that day you will be seeing people selling pet guinea pigs in Craigslist.
reminds me of those rotating sushi bars
They are running to the oven!
That was real cute. Lol
Yeah probably picking wich one they want for dinner
Human Centipede 4 stunt doubles?
Łéa i can't help but feel bad for them
Charlotte, Emma don't know what to think about that and the comments :/ xx
Junior R Garcia choosing which one they want in there meal that night
Becki Levin hahaha please do this for your guinea pig 😂🐹
Andrea Andrews it's like the train at that sushi place lol
Sander Verhegge all you can eat- buffet vo tijger 😄
Natalie Danielsson lets go to Japan 💁
Narbeh Movsesian amenee doess 🙈😂
Mike Koester lol so random! where do ppl think of this?
Anita Agostinelli Sandro Kopacevic Samuel Betschart Domenico Brusa
Michelle dunno if this is cute or wrong lol
Tram Thi Thuy Vo nuoi con nay ne

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