GTA V - Thug Life

GTA V - Thug Life
GTA V - Thug Life
gta lol thug logic
Published on 12/11/2017
GTA V - Thug Life


Nokia parachutes.
Meanwhile across town...
That sound track though. San Andreas.
Alright seeing thug life everywhere is becoming really fucking stupid
Plane was killed by a fart.
that music tho
XD Фердинанд Урбах Julian 'redjul' Herber
Dat logic
Fuck yea!
man of steel
Boy.. do I miss that music.
Epic !
that sound like san andreas
ohh that GTA SA Soundtrack , the real gangster soundtrack
The parachuter gave zero fucks
Logic I see none
what in the flying fuck? (ba dum tss!)
Soooo... Realistic...
right? That's what that faggot gets for tryin to plane-by an innocent parachuter. No mercy in GTA.
phat ass be so phat it can block planes
Physics at it's very best
dont bug my parachute
Hahahahah good one :D
Görkem Tuncel Mirson Gashi XDD fking reckd 0 fucks given
Raphael Davies
Raphael Jerome Celestino
Warren Valamaka panda trying to fly into another player like
Connor don't mess motherfucker
Matt Minatarbushdybushdy You came to the wrong motherhood neighbourfucker
Mario Acevedo You see this shit? LOL!
Nico Vandal xD
Guilherme Reis Mantovani cheat: sim ou claro? kkkkkkkkkkk
Aaron Gregg Aaron Gregg and Lamonica Richardson XD
Tom Quinert
Camille Mallet, Frédérik Boudreau, Frederic Haché
Waqar LE Sayyed gta logic xD
Sean Sanders Jarkko Roihas lol
Stephen Sochacki Nick Argoon
They going to see us rolling! Luke Dancewicz David Tomane
Antonio Campanaro I laughed too hard ahaha
Fatih Al hahahahahhaah
some more GTA XD

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