GTA BMX stunt!

GTA BMX stunt!
GTA BMX stunt!
Published on 11/17/2017
GTA BMX stunt!


I can do that
Hold my beer
GTA= Breaking physics almost as bad as Minecraft.
Good thing he's wearing that helmet. You know... If he missed.
You know what would be nice? If I could buy a physical copy of the game because of having shitty internet and then not have to download a 5gb patch...
I wonder how long it took the to do it
GTA BMX stunt take 2,453 more like it :p
gta 5 on pc has an editor i wonder how it will look in 4k
yea yea, 1000000000th try xD
His balls must have exploded when he landed on the crane
I bet it took them at least 100 takes.
fucking hackers
Callin bullshit
salto ninja kkkkk
That was so metal
Wonder how many time he got wiped out before getting it right. lol
Owhh Owwwh Daiyummm
i'll never understand the draw of this game.
Deelan xD hatiw amana chen
what i do at home when im bored ... i go out and do this .. its easy Chris
waw i see this every day in the sttreets :3 how real is this game :3
Is this GTA or Line Rider?
Hold my Pisswasser!
seems legit
RedKeyMon ftw
Patrice Beaudin damn, pis nous ont a d'la misère avec le jump de la base militaire.... -_- damn
Joshua Agapito manood ka dito
Woo!! Redkeymon!
Boss Lut Joshua Laurente Lets try this dood
Anthony Lopez esto es ser un pro!
Charlie Uneus lol, ska vi köra sånna grejer? ;)
Travis RecuperoAustin OsakowiczLiam Micheline
Earl Warnock Jordan Orr Neil Cully Daniel Warnock David Watterson Jonny Taylor Joshua Coffey easy
James Smith Adrian Grimmett
André Cabrera Claudio Alexandre
HAHAHAHA - Chris Wright
Mark Ian, dafack
Jozef :3
Josh Crawford
Benjamin Lizotte thuglife
Ivica ajde.
Yong Cf
Anmol Mehta
Danish Abro

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