GTA 5 most EPIC kill EVER!!!

GTA 5 most EPIC kill EVER!!!
GTA 5 most EPIC kill EVER!!!
gta epic game shit
Published on 11/19/2017
GTA 5 most EPIC kill EVER!!!


So guess in 3 Days we will have that in 60FPS and 4K #Masterrace
Things got a little heated.
Is he dead?
"Hopefully it will have been worth the weight" -Gaben
thats the best?Kinda lackluster if you ask me
i was killed by a guy who jumped outta a helicopter with no chute, landed on me so some how didnt die, got up before me and shot me with a sawn off shotgun, i think ur taking great liberties calling this the most epic GTA kill eva
i dont understand why everyone on PC still wants this game... yeah it looks nice but the gameplay is pretty shit.. i played it when it came out on ps3 and it was shit then, no difference now even at 60fps on pc.
Not sure if he commited suicide or got killed by le player
epic with aim assist faggot
Why GTA V Should Have Flamethrowers: This
ohhhh burn
oh shit xD
K den.....
but did you die?
He's still alive no need to freak out
Did you try to turn him on and off?
that's it?
that was awful?
I mean, once i have a pc i won't be playing the newer games to be honest. Just some 5 year old games modded to all shit... Because let's plays have spoiled me.
whats the name of this track?
triple dead
hope he's ok
"Shhhh just burn slowly, no one will notice you are missing my senpai"
Yes, in 3 days you will finally have this dead game that no one plays anymore, so you can play it in 4K and tell people how big you have became.
that's like something out of a steven segal movie haha
lmfao....the more I watch it the funnier it gets
Packing heat...!
nope hes not haha
Encuentra el 3 y recibirás una buena noticia
Ahora piensa algo que realmente desees
Ahora as el conteo al revés....!!!!! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Ahora cierra los ojos y pide un deseo....!!!!
Pega esto en 9 comentarios y tu deseo se hará realidad Date prisa a y like si lo leiste entero dale me gusta}
Why does no one aim for the fucking head in this game?
Alex Langman
You guys just taking from the Kotaku Highlight reels now?
lol its old kinda even happens in gta4 :v
dat aim assist, such a noob
GTA 5 most EPIC suicide EVER!!!
I Noscope a C4 to kill 2 enemies
you're so fuckin...boh...ohhh...ahhh...yaaaah...aaaaa...!
He got flamed.
Cameron Barrie! This makes me think we need to play GTA tomorrow night, if you're up for it.
Ryan Kitajima That's more epic than all the kills we got in GTA

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