GT-R Nearly SMACKS The Wall!

GT-R Nearly SMACKS The Wall!
Published on 10/22/2017


Don't think he realized he was being filmed by 1320.. Damn stop and talk to the dude for a second...
Must of programmed the wrong kind of racing into the car.
I bet his butthole pucker game was strong.
Why hipsters shouldn't race cars.
See what really happen was he seen the v6 mustang was beating him so he done that so he wouldn't look as bad.
Don't EVER walk away from 1320!!!!
Wearin that shirt he should've hit the wall !
This reminds me of the guy getting interviewed by 1320 😂😂😂
Slamming on the brakes? Let off the gas and counter steer...
Track ain't preped bull shit u mean that idiot cant drive his car
He was out the groove of the track
Dipshit is way out of the groove.. definitely not track conditions
When AWD wont hook.
Dude sounded like a dick
The fact that the mustang out launched him pissed me off more than the fact he nearly hit the wall in a car that handles as good as the gtr lol
Doesn't take a genius to line up in the groove ......
God bless him and his car. i am no fan of the GTR R35, but i am happy nothing horrible became of this situation.
That guy driving the GT-R was like "NOPE!!! Not gunna hit the wall with this car!!! Not worth wrecking it."
V6 Mustang>GTR. 😂
Luis Vera lol
Did the computer turn off?
hell of a save x.x
But GTR fanboys say this is so easy
Catch bigfish thought this was roll racing haha what a clueless idiot. Mustang was tough for a six banger
V6 stang was moving on the big end. What the heck did it have a delk v6 ?
Next time try lining up where U might get traction.
He was out of the groove. ..... that was all
Yeah I don't think he wants to talk about it bye bye.
Thought about running into the wall after getting treed by a mustang
is that GTr beside it at the end the one that actually wrecked lol ?
Waiting on the lap times from the Nurburgring...........................
A car was saved....
Good save
Can you imagine if conditions were ideal???? ETS woulda run a 5.49 instead of 7.49!!! LOL
This is why they roll race, they can't drive.
Could that guy be any more of a dick?
He was WAAYYYY out of the groove ...need someone to line him up properly I doubt that would have happened
Dude was kinda a dick lol
wish it did....
Que Pelottt . . . . . mmmmmm ! ! !
Nice save
I would have down the same thing if I saw a mustang beating me in my GTR.
i thought they drove themselves?
This is y u shouldnt roll thru the burnout box if u dont have slicks on ur car smfh
Dude just sucks at racing and is a fart sniffer who should own a prius!
What a doos Hahaha
Oh look....Another GTR......yay....
He didn't want to talk to anyone after that. He was trying to get away to go change his underwear. I'm sure his underwear was full of shit! 😂😂

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