Grandmas Skydive For The First Time

Grandmas Skydive For The First Time
Grandmas Skydive For The First Time
Published on 10/21/2017
Grandmas Skydive For The First Time


The 72 year old looks the youngest ☺ lol
This is so cute!
I love the blonde grandma 😂😂😂
I saw the whole video with a big smile on my face :)
"I felt wonderful.. I never wanna do it again " 😂😂😂
Are these the people from elders react on the fine bros channel
Good for them! Most of us can only hope we're still that awesome when we're grandparents :)
I hope I am as much of a badass as they are when I'm 60 something.
And if they have a heart attack and die?... Then what Buzzfeed? Then what? #DoItForTheBuzz
This was absolutely beautiful!
"Now I need a shot of whiskey"!
Anyone else immediately think of the grandma from hoodwinked
"I've always taken that leap of faith, and it's ALWAYS paid off!"
I guess all grandmas have incredible advice, not just mine!
My great uncle did this for his 90th and 91st birthdays!
When you're unknown small town is on a Buzzfeed video haha
"Now I need a shot of whiskey!" Hahaha go girl 👵🏼💁🏼
I think this is the best inspirational buzzfeed video i watched... Thank you buzzfeed
Too early for comments.. I'll be back later.
"What's life if u don't live it"🙌
This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen ❤️❤️❤️
This was absolutely adorable. Buzzfeed needs to make more videos like this. :)
I'm terrified of heights, but this actually makes me want to go skydiving.
These grandmas are like the best and fun grandmas of all.
OMG..Awesome...not sure if I could do it...Them Grandmas ROCK
More balls than me haha
my favourite video 😊
Hatts off to Grandmas. 👍
I think I saw the blonde grandma on elders react. SHE'S SO RAD! :D
3 grandmas! YOU ALL ROCKS!!! 👊🏼😎
Aren't these grandmas from Elders React on Youtube?
Best Buzz Feed Video EVER!!!!!!!!!!
React channel grandmas!
If you want to follow more of my skydiving adventures on Instagram follow @brent_falls
"Grandmas Skydive For The First (and last) Time"
So cool! How inspiring! !
It is one of the most calming experiences out there! 👍🏼👍🏼 grandmas!
Dear person reading this,
I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside and out and you are important !
Just trying to be nice on the internet, sometimes we just need such a message!
I hope this comment helped you a bit and if not, I‘m sorry
Me <3
Great feel good video !
aww <3 cute grandmas :') i love them all (Y)
Holy awesomeness! Cool! 👍
Can I adopt one of them?
يانهار ابيض على دول تيتات
I love these grandmas :D
When grandma is cooler than you
This was beautiful
Someone needs to take me skydiving now 😐
haha Brittany this made me think of you being an awesome grandma one day doing this all pro status <3
Ive been nervous about skydiving later in my life, but after seeing this, i think I'll do it later on down at the road...
Hira Ashraf This is so cute! If they can do it, yoy can do it!
Anthony I totally feel like a wimp now for being to afraid to skydive haha consider it added to my bucket list!
You're next Amy. Should be a graduation present to yourself. If you do, I can get you 20% off at CSC in Rochelle.....just saying! ;)
I hope I look that young when I'm 72! She looks like 52
Am I the only one that kept thinking about how crazy it would be to take people sky diving as a profession

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