Gold digger prank

Gold digger prank
Gold digger prank
Published on 10/18/2017
Gold digger prank


that's like 80% of the women now
That's a gold digging whore right there!!
Real life - 2013
I'm so sick of having to apologize for my gender. Ugh....
The lambo has the power to turn no into yes lol
Maybe if he wasn't wearing that shirt in the first place.
Haha why are people mad at the guy? He guy wanted to see if she would like him without knowing he had money and obviously she didn't until she knew he had money. Stupid people lol
It's not a prank it's a reality
This is the greatest thing ive ever seen
Daaaamn.!!!!! Lmao
I wish her face wasnt blurred so i can see the embarrassment! lol
true story
hahaha boommm...
How is this a prank?
Guys buy cars like that to impress girls then when a girl is impressed then they are gold diggers. Lol!!!!!
I don't like gold diggers either fucking bitched need to work for their shit.. This bitch just made herself look extremely stupid HAHAHA
Luis Zamora dude this fucker deserves a medal.
lmaoooo my niggaa thats the way to do it ! fuck gold diggers
Damm she's been rejected and called a gold digging hoe
Fuck this, I'm going to sleep
   ( ・ω・) 
  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
There aren't any girls being defensive, because they all know they would've done the same thing in that situation.
And they say money can't buy happiness, lol
Like a boss lol.
My mom said that if she caught me watching any more vines, she would bang my head against the keyboialsdkfjbaksjhdfkjahsanlsf
You know maybe if he didn't approach her like a douchebag she might have gone out. But the whole, "hey cutie...," is gross.
lol i was wondering where this guy went
That car is the trick to know who is a gold digger..
The thing is it would be kind of freaky if some guy just walked up and asked wanna go out for dinner you look cute, that's like me saying you look thirsty wanna suck my dick? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Very true most of the bitches are gold diggers
How can someone say no to a guy that looks like tommy vercetti??? haha
I SWEAR this wasn't 7SECONDS !!
Proof that money is the answer to all
he wants her cuz shes hot, she wants him cuz hes rich! can't really call that gold digging when their both shallow as fuck!
toss that bitch a shovel
vitally Is the shit. no lie
someone get her some ice for that burn
so its perfectly acceptable for a man to like a girl just because shes pretty, but if a girl likes a guy just because hes rich then shes a gold digging whore
Summer Amaru this is her haha
When you don't possess skills, boys, you better have a damn fine car.
My mom said that if she caught me watching any more vines, she would bang my head against the keyboialsdkfjbaksjhdfkjahsanlsf
Fahad Waleed Ali Al-Qaysi Abdullah M. Ali Anas Mohna Oussama Boubekri
Dominick Booth lmao ohh to bad I don't like gold diggers
in ur face bitch!!
Felipe Martino, Guilherme Cayres, Leandro Rodrigues Paulo H. de Souza
Lol the government made her a gold digger? Now ive heard everything.
Luis Animas ahaha this is you, you gold digger

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