Going To Be Like This!!

Going To Be Like This!!
Going To Be Like This!!
Published on 11/24/2017
Going To Be Like This!!


Brace yourselves for the cat experts comments! 😂
The people saying the cat is upset etc don't understand cat behavior! A head bump is high praise from a cat! He even rubbed the baby to "claim" him as his own.
Cats are asssholesss..
The cat claim the baby as his
A cat headbutts as a sign of affection. Dont think he's mad.
He wants the baby to go to sleep
A cats love, he was claiming the baby for the cat world. ❤️🐱
Angela, you are wrong. That cat was not ready to attack. Everyone that said headbutts are a sign of affection is correct.. Obviously you do not have a cat.
The cats ears are back not happy
He's rubbing his glands on him. Claiming the human...lol
Senior cat. He claimed the child as his own. That was a senior cat meow not a hiss.
That cat was not happy
kitty claimed his little friend.
You can hear him hiss right after the first head butt...
This is what happen when dad is alone with child
All u fucking retards thinking its a bad thing- pull ur head in! It's smooching- it's a sign of affection and claiming the baby as its own derrrrr! Morons everywhere 👿👿
How sweet!
Cute yes but that cat ain't happy
Kitty either loves baby or just likes knocking him down
Cat: there could only be ONE!!
This cat obviously loves this baby very much.. It never hissed or attempted to scratch or bite. It is lovingly trying to show its affection to the baby.. Soo sweet
baby got new best friend
why it should to be cut in the sweetest moment?
It could have scratched the babies eyes
So cute
poor baby . when the baby gets a bit older it want get to do that .
That is why I don't like cats ... They look really insensitive
Cuteness overload ..lol
Awww so cute 😻😻😻
Get that cat Away from the baby
That's so cute the cat head butts it showing affection he the cat did not like it his tail would be going mad and attack the child lovely video
yep...Karoline comley....i am those cat experts I said that cat was going to eat the baby
Awhhhhh:) Such a happy kitty:) The human isn't to bad eitherXD
The little one sounds like a cat....lol
😬 cool
Ur too noisy little one . Go to sleep !!😊
Den kat sku bare sparkes ud. Føj. 👎😖
How sweet
Mica scemo il bebè,
Omg...too funny!
aww too sweet
Awe, so cute.
So cute !!! A cat sitter !!!
😁 ;) :-)
Thats cute
Ils ne parlent pas la même langue, mais ils se comprennent ....

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