Go down the slide they said it will be fun

Go down the slide they said it will be fun
Go down the slide they said it will be fun
Published on 12/11/2017
Go down the slide they said it will be fun


Lucky parents, funny no
That is Not funny wtf
Who the hell made that slide lol
Actually not so funny
Well that's not fun lol
Sick as fuck u horrid cunts put shit like that on here need a fucking built call ur self's parents should have ur fucking balls cut off simple
Poor child
Thats not funny poor baby. I would slap who ever put this video here
Not acceptable 😠
Need your ass kick who ever did that
Dumb ass
Poor kid will be put off slides forever
Poor kid
That was not funny that was scary for that poor child and then they laughed wtf is wrong with people in out society
Good parenting! Not!!!
Missgeburten Eltern.
Who made dis
Child abuse
I agree stupid immature idiots need to grow the fuck up
Wow. Parents nowadays??? Poor lil bugger. :(
Cg.kla mo my tubig ha.
Tht ain't funny u daft fucks
I don't find this funny!!! >:-(
stupid hope u get a knock at your door to take that baby
That's not funny at all, the poor little soul could of been serious hurt or killed.
Ça m'étonne pas de toi..
funny but painful
Jaiden this is the funniest shit i ever seen
Raleigh Tucker this is horrible to laugh at but I thought it was funny.
Julia Voyé erinnert es dich auch an unsreren ausfulg :D :* :* ♥
sensitive ass people everywhere
Thats no funny that child abuse lol
Mom dad you try it then tell me how much fun it was
Omfg thats brutal!!!
Who the fuck would laugh at that!? That poor baby wacked his entire body on hard ground! This work is SICK
Geras reiktu isbandyti
hahahah omg
Raquel Sanchez the guy laughing at the end lol
Maria Sandoval Eloy Carrera.you guys should slide it lol

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