GloZell Answers "Is Beyoncé's Hair Real?" And More Questions About Hair

GloZell Answers "Is Beyoncé's Hair Real?" And More Questions About Hair
GloZell Answers "Is Beyoncé's Hair Real?" And More Questions About Hair
Published on 10/20/2017
GloZell Answers "Is Beyoncé's Hair Real?" And More Questions About Hair


The "can I touch your hair" is a curly girl problem no matter the color of your skin lol
"Please stop using that lipstick" Stop telling girls what to do with their body 😂 It's fucking GloZell's look. Get over it.
White ppl with dreads offend everyone lol
Im sorry but glozzel is not representing all black woman. Whoever said that is stupid. Its called ASK GLOZZEL ABOUT HER HAIR, not yours, or anybody else. It's not a stereotype. She's representing herself and I give her props for not being offended by the questions and being truthful.
"I just don't feel like combing it right now"... Lol pretty much
Why can't black women be goofy and funny without being accused of being ghetto?
"How long does it take you to do your hair?"
1 second hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂
I can only focus on her lips. 👄
Why, as women, are we so tough and mean to each other. We should be our biggest supporters. Do what makes you happy.
"Glozell stop using that lipstick"
😂you must be new to glozell and she don't give a fart what you gotta say either
I'm just here to read the comments LOL #EveryCommentMeansYouAreWatchingSoThankYou
I love her. People need to stop commenting on her lipstick and how she acts. Are you here to see a video and just have a good time watching or did she ask you to give her your opinion on her look?
I just want everyone to know that all black women DO NOT act like this woman! Shes so embarrassing!
Does it offend black people if white people have gauges or dreads ? Naaaah as long as you aren't racist you're good in my books 👍
Hahahahaha! Is your hair real...I'm not cheap!!! Lmao
Some of you are taking this way too serious.....take that stick out of your asses and learn to live a little and laugh. That's what's wrong with the world...
Ok. So it's a shame that I even have to say this but: THE VIEWS OF GLOZELL DO NOT REPRESENT ALL BLACK PEOPLE. (esp her view on white ppl with dreadlocks.)
She's so funny omg lol
I thought you guys were going to do something that would really answer questions people have about black hair, and natural hair. This was really useless. Anybody could answer questions about wigs. Why ask for specific questions about black hair? You have black female staff members with hair that you could have had in this video. Or countless Youtube hair gurus. Disappointed.
That lipstick can no longer be tolerated.
Omg ahahahaha "I dont care about white ppl's dreadlocks, we've got problems on our own" ☝️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I remember ALL the comments on the thread stating that "this would be a great way for people to understand & learn more about black hair".......did you actually learn anything?
Lol, nothing about black hair, other than the only learned about a woman, who sold out her fellow Black women, and her hair.
Stop endorsing these cheap comedians.
They may not be the voice we want, but they're they-unfortunately-represent us on a national & international level.
It was ask GloZell about her Hair LOL Not Ask GloZell about anything.
Lol.she is so comfortable with herself... applause
Chick looks like she sucked off a leprechaun...
I'm sorry but I think they shouldn't have taken the stereotypical approach. There are a lot of people who had legit questions that won't even take this seriously. The ask a lesbian video didn't negatively portray lesbians. I was hoping I could share this video on my feed to stop the crazy Q's I get everyday. N shouldn't Beyoncé answer that Question herself.. I'm not "butt hurt" I'm just disappointed. Plain n simple.
Everybody is about to take this seriously... LOL. We all know BUZZFEED is known for their comical skits. No need to really get upset over this. If you want informative information about all types of hair, look it up elsewhere. Otherwise, lighten up. It's not that serious where people really need to get all "deep."
I'd really like for someone other than the cooniest woman at BuzzFeed Video to be the voice of all Black women. Thanks
To be honest I would only be offended/annoyed if I met someone expressing themselves like this in real life. She's an actress! Acting crazy is "her thing"... If you think all black women are like this..... We all know where you live.. In a cave.
who cares if she wears sparkling green lipstick!!!!!! personally, i like it. and you can't tell GloZell how to run her life! It's GLOZELL! so please STOP commenting on every single one of her videos, expressing how much you don't like her lipstick! GET OVER IT.
Cheyenne Winn I dare someone to try and touch my hair. We fighting.
People in the comments really can't get over green lipstick.. Just goes to show what shallow thinkers you are. The video is funny. You're supposed to laugh. Not develop are debate hair philosophy and the misrepresentation of black woman. Comedians have it so hard. They can't say anything without people getting booty hurt.
Make. It. Stop. Forever.
Dillon Bagley remember when we watched all of her videos??? "It was prolly four or five days before I even got off the floor"
I mean she is really the only one who can pull off green sparkly lipstick in my opinion..... lmao.
OOOoh She went to "The Kitchen" LOVE!
"I don't need to wash my hair, I just throw it away!" 😂😂😂 she's so funny
"Can I touch your hair?" I'm SO guilty of this!! lol I'm a very tactile person, and my hair is unfortunately straight. I LOVE how curly hair feels. I love how black people's hair looks and feels. I think natural is beautiful.
Emily Murphy Oliviaa Lambert Phoebe Cretney Dana Slade Niall Senior Mia Rawson
Ok for starters she needs to get rid of that ugly ass green lipstick Lol
Secondly , why are people asking her just about her hair? And thirdly, WHO IS SHE ? Is she some kinda famous person ?
Noooooo she broke out the kitchen!!!!!
lol all the right answers but she kills me with how extra she is lmao... but if people thats not of color really want to know how black women are with their hair and how we take care of it... go watch Chris Rocks documentary it's called 'Good Hair'
GloZell L. Green is so lost
To be black you have to be mixed. Some black people have straight hair. Egyptians were and are most closely associated with Blacks or Africans. I don't care how anyone does their hair as long as it's combed lol. I want everyone to smile today and stop being offended by everything. :)
I understand she's intentionally playing the role of a stereotype, but the video is trash. Not answering those with serious inquiries. 👎
is the chic that thought she was eat sum fruit & it was a chili pepper ?????
I'm kinda disappointed in this because I remember the post for this video & it was asking for questions about black people hair and so many people were offended & I was kinda looking forward to seeing legit answers.. not sarcastic ones. I'm part black but I don't have the hair and I was actually wondering what its like. I didn't see what was offensive about it because people just wanna know.
That is too much for some hair , even if I do get rich I would never pay that much for some hair, never. I would wear my natural hair and go to a salon or something. I mean you got the money to take your hair now why pay all that money like seriously. All that money could be going back to a community or in a true fund.
I hate this lady with a passion , there I said it ...
Is Beyoncé's hair real? No, No, No, nonono

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