Girls be like..

Girls be like.. Vine By: Breanna Trauernicht
Girls be like..
kid eye girl lol vine
Published on 11/24/2017
Girls be like..
Vine By: Breanna Trauernicht


Did anyone feel jealous about his eyes?..
Parents be like.... do that fuckin vudeo son and be cute we wanna get likes on Facebook
Girls be like "i want those lashes"
Girls Be Like:
>(.)__ Duck Face!
(*^ -^*)/【☯】 Selfie!
(•_•) Work Out Swag!
<) )╯
/ \
lol if a little kid knows about all this.... then you ladies to need to discover some new poses lol
stop making the little children making your shitty silly stuff
FINALLY one of a child Not twerking.
awwwww his duck face is sooooooooooo cute :3
this guy s gonna break girl heart :O
Im not the first , juz gonna say : Hi MOM
aw he is so adorable <3
cute but makes me scared of the younger generation. I can already see their future
omg i cant handle the cuteness
Can I adopt him? :3
Like if you watched more than once >:o
his eyes <3
It's almost unfair how cute he is Brooke Demers
Someone with a kid should do a "people with kids be like" vine about how people make their kids do these stupid vines to get popular
is that kid wearing mascara
Who among you noticed his eyes?
Is he wearin Mascara ? xx
Am I the only one that noticed how beautiful his eyes are! <3
Work out swag?
Ale ma rzęsy *.*
vais varrer durante decadas
Anybody else watch this like 100000 times?
Lol this girl goes to my school.
This kid is awesome
so cuuuuuuute :*
am i the only one who watched it more than 3 times
I want this kid!
omg this is the cutest thing!
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Bruno Rodrigues Ma Stankevicius Isabela Okada
Elise Sandra Destiny Savannah Tony Leah Daniela this kid ❤️
Daisy Luna Maldonado This is what i want for Christmas! He's adorable! 😂😂😍
Julia Freitas Juliana Martins Brito Bruna Latif Carvalho
like if you watched this more than once
Darshini Panthers Thanapalan Ash MJ Pooja Patel Joyce Ng Sindhu Priyangka
Frazer Childs Mitchell Lenegan John Murray Christine Gilbert Pippa Maslen Eve Maslen Edan Johnston Nucking Futs Joel Flick Kane Mackenzie
Maria Konradsdóttur Joensen og Julia Thomsen
Pinche niño marica
In love w this boyyyy Alessandra de Leoz demnn
Like if you watched more than once

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