Girls At a Bar - Hilarious!!

Girls At a Bar - Hilarious!!
Girls At a Bar - Hilarious!!
Published on 11/24/2017
Girls At a Bar - Hilarious!!


So the answer to the story is if you want to hook up with a girl in a bar be a creepy over dressed weirdo instead of a casually dressed nice guy now we now.
Hahahahaha OMG girls dumb lol first dude was nice but I'd still say no thanks I don't dig guys who go to bars n only reason I'd go is if my friend needed a DD or just to get one drink but that's very rare lol that girls duh thou she goin get killed going with the psycho lol
emotional way to get likes on comment :P :D
Sadly this is exactly what most girls are like...
Not hilarious but shows how women can be an A - hole too . Lucky April
I have been trying to be the first one to be the second one to comment on a post, I have been trying to do this all my life, I want to thank, ....LMAO!!!
It's true if you dont show you have money your a creep, been a little experiment of mine
Destiny that first guy was perfect and that second guy is so creepy...
Aidan F Baayybbee
Awesome stuff mate :) :) and true as hell!!!
Monica Crespo Jessie Elliston Lion Crespo Dalia Aparicio Suria Tello, w.d.y.t... these are stupid girls!
Jajaja trankilos trankilos Victor Alvarez y Luis Barca Alvarez Alvarez
Richie Hall
Memo Lopez Rmz Alberto Lomeli
Dont press the edited button I said something rude!
Hector Omar Valdez Gonzalez Diana J. Canales hahaha
Liana Arteaga Del Rio thought this would make you laugh!
Manuri Wick
imaj pare brateeeuuuu
"You really don't have an excuse because your period ended on Tuesday" LMAO!!!!!!
Brian Delph
Bahahahahahahaaha Susan Baker
Girls are assholes
Meaghan hahahaha :)
So funny
Why Alan Lee why? :p
Yup that's exactly how it is.
Heather Marie- so this is how it goes? Lmmfao
^^ strange.....
Tarren Wattahead lmfaooo
Julie Dixon Marta Fierro Verenice Alvarez Katie Trefts Nicole Davison Marissa Galvan-Cota
Sophie Gray Sophie Austin
this chicks a complete nut
Jennee Dam Sandy Capone
So right on
I mean she's right the other guy is more attractive lol
hahah Miranda Steinmetz
Aria Namdar
Juah Ko Lmaaoooo
Chelsea Massey LMAOOOOOO
HAHAHA Emily Johnston too true
David Goh Paul Leong Vincent Choi Gavin Soo Gary Lee
Rohan Wijeratne 'girls are gross'

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