Giant Men Hold A Tiny Duck

Giant Men Hold A Tiny Duck
Giant Men Hold A Tiny Duck
Published on 12/11/2017
Giant Men Hold A Tiny Duck


"I remember one time I tossed a duck a whole piece of bread, he ate the whole piece of bread"
hee hee hee... holding their hands out with wide eyes and huge smiles like little kids :)
Did not read "duck" at first.
Now this is the kind of stuff i want to see on facebook
one letter difference and this could have been pornhub
I held a duckling once, my first instinct was to squeeze's first instinct was to poop on me 😭😩
So, what I take from this is, I need a baby duck.
"He yawned!" 😭😭 this is by far the cutest thing I've ever seen
Their faces as soon as they see the duck...It made me so happy.
"I'm not ready to have a duck" lol
They look like they are holding their first born! Their facial expressions and deminor completely change! Too cute!!!
I'm not ashamed to admit that I follow this duck on Instagram.
i read "giant men hold a tiny dick"....
Literally just pulled 2 baby ducks out the storm drain today! They're so cute! 🐥🐥
Aww. The guy in the jean shirt is just a big softie. Lol. Starts off "I don't care." Then "can I hold mine again?" ☺️💜
Guys are so not as tough as they think they are supposed to portray...I prefer softness in men.
Lol. I'd like to see baby ducks in the hood. Gangster goes grandma in 5 seconds
I feel like I'm the only one who read it right. This video was needed. I just got out of throat surgery like 3 days ago and I needed something to make me smile.
I want two that just walk around my house like Joey and Chandler had on Friends.
This is so ducking cute
"he yawned" "he sneezed"
I love how they go from being so manly and like 'whatever' to having their eyes wide open with giant smiles on their faces.
So cute!
wow i really thought this said "Giant Men hold a tiny Dick"
I read "Giant Men Hold A Tiny Dick" lol
Who is the adorable guy with the duck that sneezed!?!?
"Giant" men.... They looked like regular sized men to me.
All I could imagine holding a duck is thinking "don't poop on me" the WHOLE time.
All babies (humans & animals) are innocent and cute and fully of cuteness overload hehehe I love it!!
I'm hungover and I thought this said "giant men hold a tiny dick"
Too cute... This duck is full of surprises 😂😂
I love how their faces lit up like Christmas when they first saw the duck then they fell in love 😍😍😍
I love how their eyes all lit up at the first sight of the duck lol
i love how everyone turns into a little girl when they hold tiny animals xD its amazing
Duck, duck, goose pimples :D look at baby donald
Can I play with your duck ?
Why was this so cute!!! Their reactions were adorable. 😊
When I was in 7th grade my science class hatched baby chicks and I got to hold one. I connected so well with that little baby. While everyone else's chicks were pooping on them, my chick fell asleep in my hand. I want to hold another one someday 😙
Aww look at the baby duck 😍
I read "hold a tiny dick" >.> sorry..
Did not read Duck...
Next you should do "Giant Men Volunteer At A Wildlife Rehab."
I felt like that the first week I had ducks and chicks. Now I'm like 😩 every day. Life of a poultry farmer
How many people read "duck" as "dick"? Lol
Squeeeee! I want to meet a baby duck!
I.... Did not read duck. *hangs head in shame*
Pip! I follow that duck on Instagram.
awwww the guy in demin jacket loooooves the ducky!!! so sweet
All of their faces turned adorable when they put the ducks in their hands! Lmao!!
Can we do more big men and baby animals? Please?

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