Get lost. Get Found. Watch the #PaperTowns trailer and join the adventure.

Get lost. Get Found. Watch the #PaperTowns trailer and join the adventure.
Get lost. Get Found. Watch the #PaperTowns trailer and join the adventure.
Published on 12/11/2017
Get lost. Get Found. Watch the #PaperTowns trailer and join the adventure.


is this only me or the trailer reveals the whole story? or probably because i read the book. still excited to find margo yeayyyyy
Last time, he was only Ansel Elgort's sidekick but now he's just the man lol.
Looks so awesome! But I hoped Looking for Alaska would have been the next movie.
I have this strong feeling that the movie will give justice to the phenomenal book. Good job, guys! :)
Cara! With an American accent woah
Im expecting that I Know Places will be the OST 😒😒
Completed the book today it's awesome and the trailer is phenomenal!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
I swear we need more John Green books to become movies.
looking for Alaska should've been the next movie. paper towns was good, but looking for Alaska was better.
This looks freaking amazing!!!!!!!!
Not bad but still why Cara?! 😐
They have to make a movie of Looking for Alaska to!!
Chloe grace mortez would be perfect for this movie. But this girl is cool too. :)
To everyone saying they "know" the story because it "shows the ending," you really don't because the story lies in the journey and uncovering it, not in getting from point A to point B. That's what the whole Walt Whitman poem is about, anyway... interconnectedness, not just one part ;)
I am going to watch this because it's John Green's book.
John Green is a thinker, a modern philosopher...
Can I just take a moment to say that the casting is PERFECT. <3
Still not sold on the Margo miscast.
They need to make a movie on looking for Alaska !
Been waiting for this for so long! Hoping for a looking for Alaska movie too!
I can only think of the Naked Brothers band whenever I see Nat Wolff
I guess this movie will give a fair justice to the book. Awesome trailer! Can't wait for the full movie! Cara tho 😍😍😍😍😍😔
Awww paper towns. such a nice book
Cara Delevingne is ❤️❤️❤️
thanks.. i dont have to watch the movie now.. the trailer itself is the movie..
God cara can't act!!
It kind of told the entire story already... Or maybe its just because i read the book. Goddammit. Thank god for Cara. ❤️❤️❤️
John Greene's books annoy me because they are basically all about a nice, nerdy boy who is in love with a selfish, manipulative bad girl who happens to be super hot and more hot for the fact that she is a trouble maker. Guys hate it when girls go after the "bad boys" and the troublemakers who clearly treat them badly and use them...but somehow it makes sense when it's a good boy being infatuated with a bad girl? Just strange to me. His female characters annoy me, they are female douchebags. And yes I have read most of his books so this isn't a case of me not reading the book.
Eyebrow game too strong
Omg! I'm fangirling so hard right now 😍👏
HOPEFULLY THIS ONE WILL BE WAY BETTER THAN Tfios cause that movie sucked so bad
the Soundtrack <3
Meeeu Deus 😍 ta perfeito ❤ não vejo a hora de poder assistir 😍❤ Mega Ansiosa
what song is in the background?
They better be naked under the graduation robes when they go to find Margo!! That was the funniest thing ever (also Ben really wanting to pee)
OMG it seems so awesome and Cara is so awesome and John Green is the god of the entire universe
I'm happy that angela is with them in the roadtrip. i was just thinking abt it.
"maybe she loved them so much she became one" JUST HIT ME
I hope this will reflect the heart of the book-- that Margot is a real person and not the manic pixie dreamgirl the protagonist created in his head. This trailer doesn't seem to reflect that...
Everyone will have a miracle at some point in their lives... But it's a case of time I think. You can rush some things in life... You just have to wait.
Wish i could go to see the movie with him :(
Never knew Cara would ever do movies!
I think I will love the movie more than the book.. so excited! 💕
btw the trailer song is Smile by Mikky Ekko
Don't care for that girl but still gonna watch
Wow can't wait to see clara
Is the lead actress cara or s.o else?

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