Published on 10/20/2017


I think this is cruel as they hit the poor elephants with sticks HORRIBLE
Makes me feel fucking sick. Seeing them carrying sticks around to hit them into place. People may find this amusing to me I find it revolting
If they did enjoy to dance to music they wouldn't need some twat smacking them with a stick would they you prick this is just cruelty to them poor animals
Tony Sciacchitano
Are you really retarded.ok let me put it in point form for you.
One I'm a veterinarian and I know my stuff two they beat the shit out of elephants to do these tricks, how would I know we'll good question because I have been to most of the Asian countries and have witnessed first hand of this abuse. There are no rules or regulations about animal cruelty and anything that profits them they will do.
Are they feed well, yes they need to be to be kept and make money but they are feed after they do there tricks and if they are beaten they don't eat much due to the pain.
Do they feel it? Yes
Fear, pain, thirst and hunger finally make the elephant give up all resistance. When the elephant begins to accept its fate, the mahouts allow it to take a bath in a river and to eat, although it continues to be tied to a working elephant throughout.
When we train dogs we do not use abuse we reward it or verbal words we do not make our pets starve or tie them up for them to sit.
How about you pick up a book or travel these poor countries and educate your self before talking.
Going to the club and have a dog in your backyard doesn't make you aware. And you also are a keyboard warrior hence your long ass message.
I tried to mke it simple hope it wasn't to hard for u to understand.
It is not funny at all :(
How many times did they get whipped by that wooden cane before they did as their told. Animal cruelty for human laughs. Fucking disgusting!!!!
I fucken hate this... Let me have that stick so I can beat the fuck out that both
Sucks that they had to beaten to learn these moves.
Animal cruelty I hate when they use animals
Please don't encourage this. Do not go to these type of shows your encouraging them. .. Who knows what they do to get them go do these stupid acts.
Animals should be free not used for entertainment.
Absolute scum of earth!! Watching this is supporting animal cruelty! Bloody assholes!! #UnitedAgainstAnimalCruelty
This is cute but also animal abuse! Feel bad for them!!
That ain't cool! It's cruel
Not ok at all!!!!
People are stupid thinking those elephants are having fun. There innocent animals!! Being poked to do dance
I hope they die those fucks, animal cruelty has sky rocked, to sad. sons of bitches all those people
Poor animals. People are so ignorant and so was I at one point. One can't fathom the torture and pain these animals go through to get this . Awful.
Shame on you!! You laugh about animals that have to suffer because of your amusement!
You're a retard if you think they one day started dancing on there own that took hours of whipping with a stick
Y despues ponen en las noticias q un animal mato a un pendejo entrenador,,,dejenlos e paz,eso no esta bien!
I shall be unliking this page as I don't see the fun in knowing that poor animals are beaten to perform for human laughs. I will not support any page that advertises that as right.
YEH AND BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WHAT METHOD USED TO MAKE AN ELEPHANT DANCE ! ! ! cruel and so sad. How many people will like this clip ? PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT .......
People shouldnt even put like cuz its just plain animal abuse 2 these beautiful creatures they r gettin poked 2 dance nada bueno......
Cruel maybe they whould dance aswell if I hit them with a big fucking stick
El Beto Babe that's mean!! Poor elephants! 😢
Bastards :(
Poor animals...
rip elephants got beat up everyday just for that
Una cruel manera de divertirse!!!...todo lo q habran pasado los animales para hacer esa coreografia!!!...inhumanos!!!
Anais Louvet, c'est génial! J'espère juste qu'ils ont pas été mal traités pour faire ça
Please don't support this type of videos by liking them or commenting them. Just look at the sticks they are using and how sharp they are. Video should be taken down and not used for amusement at all.
here is something for all the people saying that it is harmless
all i ask is take 10mins of your time to watch this video and itll make you think twice before you let ignorance speak for you
Awful... Animals being poked and made to do something so stupid for human entertainment
The only.reason those gental giants are dancing is in fear of that man hitting them with that prodding stick. This routine for tourism took many hours of pain on behalf of those elephants. I fucking cant stand videos like this. Whoever likes this shit is just advocating the abusing behaviors towards elephants. This is NOT CUTE. It's CRUEL.
Just fucking cruel
That makes me sick. Animals are NOT supposed to be used for our entertainment. That's not natural for them. It's cruel. And all the idiots laughing in the background make me sick also.
Its a cute video but sad how they train the poor elephants to do this. I do not condone this at all an I wish they would try another way to train them. I dont even allow my kids to go to the circuses because of things like this.
Sad poor elephants let them go back to the wild
Animals as entertainment should be illegal all over the world!
Animal cruelty disguiesd as fun
Think it's totally stupid! Are those guys that bored to make an Elephant obey them for that stupid song. Can't they just be animals?
Thanks Isaline Montignie. That's what I think so too. The elephants endure cruelty just to satisfy the audience. So pitiful.
Before i used to like this page But sorry admins It may not seem like a lot but you lossed one follower and like
I guess the sticks with metal shards poking into their skin doesn't seem to bother the repulsive crowd because it pleases their sadistic appetite for amusement at the expense of these majestic creatures.... not funny at all
William Alfonso this isn't funny. They were probably abused countless times to get them to do this :/
Malditos entrenadores, ojalá así los agarren a ellos a Palazos con picos
Vikki-lee Rogers Julie Goulden
Anam Majid
But they are babies, did you see they were getting stung with that stick! not right not fair!

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