Game of Thrones Recapped (By People Who Have Never Seen It)

Game of Thrones Recapped (By People Who Have Never Seen It)
Game of Thrones Recapped (By People Who Have Never Seen It)
Published on 11/17/2017
Game of Thrones Recapped (By People Who Have Never Seen It)


"I'm totally against cultural phenomena" WHAT A HIPSTER
I love game of thrones! All those dungeons and stuff! And the little guy. He sucks, ammiright? Can't believe all those orks got fire breathed by the castle dragon's wedding. Winter's so here. Everyone saw it coming.
"I'm totally against cultural phenomenon" says the girl who recognizes a character wearing a blue dress only because she saw Madonna wearing the same outfit.
All the GOT fans wanna pull their hair out after this review 'Lannisters are the good guys...I'm gonna jump out the window now👉😑😵...
"Spring is coming"😂😂😂
Castration, incest, boobs, dragons, and everyone dies. Right?
That woman is totally against cultural fenomenon and she's on a Buzzfeed video? ok...
All caught up - thanks Buzzfeed 😊😂
Lol "the Khaleesis" im dead
Nailed it. Especially about those good guy Lannisters 👱👸 Lol
*facepalm* hahaha ohhh little do they know....
Do this about Doctor Who!!
"I'm against cultural phenomenon" ummm...ok... power to her, but had me at like "dafaq" I'm not going to stop liking something because it's big or not give it a try cause it's big......
Lmao @ gay hodor carrying around Peter dinklage on his back and lannisters sleeping with khaleesi
Beware. Spring is coming.
... But why would she say "spring is coming"?! Everything knows winter is coming. 😒
I wanna punch the "I'm totally against cultural phenomenon" lady in the face
Peter Dinklage is always surrounded by boobs is the only spot on aspect in this video, lol.
This is an Abomination!!
The Walking Dead > Game of Thrones. end of story.
They don't have to have HBO...just read the books. :-P
My exact understanding of game if thrones
I love the description of the red wedding.
Literally all I know about Game of Thrones is that some dude sleeps with his sister
Spoiler alert!! Not!! 😂😂😂
You know nothin Jon Snow!
My boyfriend was really into GOT...and he told me just give it a chance, I was hooked from Episode One
I love Game of Thrones, Can't wait for the season premiere on Sunday
Am I the only one that watched this video and has never actually watched Game of Thrones?
I've never seen Game of Thrones. This is ore than i knew. Even though most of it is probably wrong.
Games of Thrones in a sentence- don't get attached to ANYONE, cuz every single main character will eventually die.
That hurt so much to watch.
"I'm totally against cultural phenomenon someone" has no friends
Lynn Perry they knew way more than I did on Sunday, all I knew was there was a little guy in it...and some dragons. LOL I've watched 18 episodes so far since Monday afternoon !!!
Why God WHy :o
I mean someone can even miss Game Of Thrones
My life when someone brings up Game of Thrones perfectly.
Oddly enough, this actually made me want to watch Game of Thrones.
still not as good as "watching people who haven't read game of thrones watch GOT"
The fact that this is so off makes me sad. Get caught up on your "Game of Thrones" people it's amazing!
I haven't seen Game of Thrones but this is hilarious
I love games of thrones. I actually think Peter Dicklage is a great actor. Lol.
I thought it was a game to win the throne.... get it... game of thrones. I'm hilarious! but seriously I never watch that show.
Carrington Maximilian spring is coming...
Here's my understanding as someone who's never watched: Everyone dies.......everyone.
Cómo ves muy cerca no? Cayo
"I'm totally against cultural phenomena" said the lady while being interviewed for a Buzzfeed Video.
Haha poor Hodor!
Spring is coming...HA
I loved this video 😂
That's funny

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