Frozen Facts You Should Know Before The Sequel Premieres

Frozen Facts You Should Know Before The Sequel Premieres
Frozen Facts You Should Know Before The Sequel Premieres
Published on 12/10/2017
Frozen Facts You Should Know Before The Sequel Premieres


As I patiently wait for Incredibles 2..
I bet that ice hotel was cool as hell
You forgot one fact: It's extremely overrated. Tbh I wanted an evil Elsa =(
Frozen Fact: It was made for children
Actually if you don't like the movie 1) why did you watch it? 2) why did you comment? 3) why did you watch the video? Oh and 4) why do you care?
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There's actually bigger facts about that movie and how it's also related to Tarzan
I hate this stupid movie.
I didn't know the ice hotel part.
A lot of women (including myself) relate to Elsa. She essentially has PTSD and is forced to keep her pain locked up inside. When she leaves Arendelle, she can "Let It Go" and doesn't feel trapped. Only understanding and love from everyone helps her control these feelings and learn to use them properly.
Fuck there's gonna be a sequel. Omg this crap is never gonna end
Let it go let it go 🎵🎶
Personally, I love the song ☺
I work at that Ice Hotel :)
This movie is annoying level 9000!!
Are the parents of Anna and Elsa the parents of Tarzan? That is the only question that needs to be answered.
Fact: The theme song to this movie is TERRIBLE.
Amy Winehouse.... EWWWW!
What a beautiful story of female empowerment. Little girls realize they can believe they are powerful after they see this fabulously crafted movie. We look forward to Frozen 2. I wish their parents would come back, from being lost at sea when the girls were so little. *oh well* That would be so wonderful.
HERES A REALLY FUN FACT: Idina Menzel (Elsa) was famous before this movie, you should look her up. Her own work is amazing, better than the garbage music in this movie. PS her name is not Adele Dazeem :)
there's a sequel coming out for this shite?
It's really bad that Im watching this and I havent even finished the entire movie
Frozen is VERY LOOSELY based on The Snow Queen.
Chances are if you didn't care enough to watch the first one, you really don't care about the second one either.
What... was the fact about their names?
I've never seen Frozen. I refuse to because of how mainstream it is.
I like the music in this video
I don't understand the hype of this movie..
Let it go
There's a fucking sequel?! wtf
Honestly buzz feed you get your facts from tumblr!?!?!
Um. His name is Eugene. Flynn is gone now.
Frozen 2? Who care? Give me Incredibles 2!!
In the snow queen there weren't trolls. They were demons. Even satan makes an appearance in the story. So buzzfeed got one fact wrong.
Just as the jokes about my name were starting to die down... They announce a sequel.
the only Frozen Fact you need: Frozen is highly overrated and you should go watch something else.
Disney is influencing our children to disobey and get what they want at all cost even selling their souls (voices) to the devil (sea witch with pitch fork) now in this one they glamorize a villain..please open your eyes parents and protect your children agaisnt satan's sneaky tactics..he is after our children
they aren't making a sequel asswipes
i somehow already knew most of these....I'd love to see the concept art of Elsa looking like amy winehouse though
The snow queen is definitely a much better but much more creepier and messed up story. The snow queen didn't have trolls either, they were demons
They've said they don't plan on a sequal! Thank GOD!!
Who the hell cares?
"How cool!" Haha icy what you did there.
Should add that the entire second half of the movie doesn't allude to the first at all because they just kinda made a new movie part way through....thus making a movie that makes no sense >>
Brianna Ratima UHMMMM.
UHMMMMM..... UHMMMMMMMM,,,.,.,,,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.///,.,./,../,./,.,/,.,/,.,/,.,/.//,./,../,../,../,../,../,../,../,./,. UHMMMMMM. A sequel ~`````~~~~~````~~~
I don't get what adding all their names together mean
How many of these facts do I care about
tarzan elsa and anna are siblings
Kristoff is the only character that doesn't have a 4 letter name.

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