Four Women Experience What It’s Like To Wear Hijabs For A Day

Four Women Experience What It’s Like To Wear Hijabs For A Day
Four Women Experience What It’s Like To Wear Hijabs For A Day
Published on 10/18/2017
Four Women Experience What It’s Like To Wear Hijabs For A Day


I am i the only one who thinks the Hijab is actually quite pretty? I don't know whether it's because it gives a frame for the face or if it's because of the nice material but i think that it is a modest way of enhancing true beauty. If we didn't live in a society that sometimes can't accept other cultures , i would wear it. Maybe not always but definitely sometimes.
I am muslim and I have a choice in whether I wear my hijab or not. It is not oppression but our honor and beauty as women to be modest because we know that we are beautiful, we don't need people to tell us that we are.
Awesome ! :')
Being a Muslim I would just say that in Islam womens are highly respected ! Just like a common man wouldn't be allowed to shake hands with a queen , similary, when women covers her selve its a symbol to represent her dignity , modesty and that not an ordinary men could just view her beauty :) ! It is not meant to make her feel inferior or chained in any way :) . Islam teaches us that when a women becomes a mother , Allah places heaven beneath her feets , when she becomes a wife and if her husband takes good care of her he will be rewarded for that , when she is born in a Muslim house , she is believed to be the path of heaven for her parents and most importantly Quran ( muslim's holy book) tells us that when Allah is most happy from a person he blesses him with a daughter :')
So how can one say Islam doesn't grants equal rights to women :) ?
And this is why I love buzzfeed they're always trying to increase our perspectives of the world around us.
If it's your choice, go for it. If someone forces you to do it, THAT'S oppression.
This made me emotional, and they all looked so beautiful ❤️ hijab is my choice and It was never forced upon me, I'm so proud to wear it. ❤️it's just overwhelming at times to see so much positivity and people who are understanding about it, it's not something I'm use to because we get so much negativity from the press, it's a nice change to see stuff like this ,
Amazing experiment ....girl power 💋🙌
The concept of a hajiab is nice and people need to respect other peoples they said...only in America..where we are "Free"....and we're a fucking melting pot...why so much judgement....
Oppression is also forcing someone not to wear it.
this sends so much message to everyone but most specially, this opens up peoples mind and change their perception.
Hijabs are almost identical to nun outfits. One is a symbol of faith in Christianity. The other, a symbol of supposed "oppression". Hmm. INTERESTING
I'm catholic and brought up in Australian society. I don't need to wear a hijab, but when my close friend asked me to be maid of honour at his wedding I wore a hijab to his wedding because I respect his beliefs and culture.
His wife chooses not to wear one everyday but on occasions where it is respectful to wear one, she will.
This video is great as it gives people perspective of why people choose to wear a hijab and how it made them feel wearing it.
It's in the Muslim culture to wear a hijab just like Buzzfeed said- to represent being humble, intellectual and equal so that women aren't seen just for their outward beauty but for themselves as a whole person.
And as a person you should be able to choose what you want to wear and if it's a hijab because you're Muslim, that's perfectly okay.
At the end of the day religion focuses on praising and worshiping God, people just do it in different ways.
People saying this is "terrorism" or "brain washing", specially coming from fucking middle age adults mouth, you are fucking stupid. Read a fucking book and not listen to whatever the news says. Just because you hear about the Taliban or chaos over from their country, doesn't mean they are all bad people. Honestly, most of you have no brain. Stereotyping? I have met many girls at my school who wore hijabs and they were so kind and nice.
I noticed that there are lots of girls that wear them at my university and one of the most astounding things is the beautiful fabrics and the very lovely patterns that they choose I actually am a bit jealous a lot of the girls look extremely beautiful while wearing them
If you want to learn about Islam, go study Islam, don't study the Muslims!
Wearing it is a personal choice and I'd die for anyone's right to wear it and what it stands for. But people need to seriously stop acting like women covering their heads is progressive, because it's really, really not. If women have to cover themselves to be classed as intellectual, that is not fucking progress. Let's change society to be less gender fucked and sexist rather than suggest to women that by speaking to a patriarchal ideal of "modesty" that they can be perceived the way they rightfully dessserve to be as human beings.
I Love this video! I'm not even Muslim, but I believe that if that's how you feel comfortable, then go ahead sister! No one should stop you for doing something that you want to do or wear! After all we are a free country.
I am ashamed to be a human and to see all the hateful comments.
People forgetting the point of this video is to show beauty and a different point of view.
Some of you will not get off your high horse into the reality that no religion is perfect there is a falt in every one.
If we are playing the Judging game then here
All you Germens, all of you are horrible Jew haters, that murder and tortured thousands of innocent children, women, and old people.
Oh and you Christans let's not forget how you forced your religion onto people at "gun point" and killed thousands of women because they where what? "Witches"
Oh and you Jewish people, how you loved to kill off those christans at first thinking they where a cult!
I hope some of you stoped and said "wait I never did any of that, I don't believe that!"
Because right now you are blaming an entire culture, for a select few.
Not every Muslim is a terrorist, or is out to degrade their wife at every chance they get, just like not every German supported the Nazi party.
how the hell do you forget youre going to new york!? -___-
The judgement that Americans have towards Islamic women is passed down from generation to generation. It's awful but is an ugly truth of us Americans. My family, as diverse as it is, has said rude things after seeing women wearing hijabs or men from India wearing their pagh. Growing up I believed the things I heard were true. That Muslims beat their women if they didn't cover their bodies. That a woman is taught she will go to hell if she doesn't cover her body. It wasn't until I met a very nice Muslim family in my late teens did I instantly learn everything I have ever hear was total lies. I was ashamed of making the assumptions I always had growing up because of the little snide remarks is hear when around different cultures. It's a lack of knowledge.
I love this!
Great video. I, as a 15 year-old American can say that I wear the Hijab as a form of identification, so when I step out of my house I am recognized for who I am. Like the woman said in the video it does the talking for me. It's an extension of me, I CHOSE to wear it. Yes, some cultures that blend religion with tradition use the Hijab as a form of oppression. Islam is not a culture it is a religion and to all those "anti-muslim" people who feel the need to judge a group of people that make up approximately 23% of the world's population on the actions of a specific culture, you should do your homework.
One of the best buzz feeds I've seen
Wow I need to remember to not read the comments. On a more positive note, hijabs are so beautiful! I love how they bring more attention to your face.
75% of the people that become Muslims are women. In America 300 new Muslims everyday, German no less than 40 new Muslims a day and the list goes on and on ....
If islam abuses women rights,
Why would a free independent women want to comfort to Islam. ?
Do your research probably !!
I would wear one. They are pretty.
Now make a video with women that actually DO wear hijabs every day and what it is like and why they do it. Can we give them a much needed voice on this social network? I really want to hear their perspective, not only an outsiders short term perspective. What is it like for women who do it on a daily basis? :)
Loving the comments. Thanking all those especially who are not muslims. We are not what the media says. We love you all :). Will stand up for your rights and privileges if ever needed.
Wow, the majority of the comments on this are so disappointing. If you are not of the religion you have no room to speak. This was not shoving their religion on us, it was an informational piece.
As a Muslim female I wear a hijab and no one forced me to do it l! Very nice and informing video 👌
Goodness me. Some of the comments posted are so hateful. In the Jewish religion, orthodox women cover their hair, but with a wig, they also dress incredibly modestly, and no one makes such a fuss. Also men in both the Muslim and Jewish religions must wear a head covering, and in some instances not cut parts of their hair or beards. What is the problem??? The Amish wear certain types of clothing that is an expression of their faith. Nuns wear habits that cover them and their hair. People need to get a grip and not get hysterical about an article of clothing. In certain Buddhist traditions both sexes shave their heads and wear saffron robes. Honestly, this sort of ignorance beggars belief.
I am a Muslim and no man has ever told me to wear my hijab. I made the choice, alone. I do not want to be measured/judged by my beauty- but my mind, my intellect, my character.
Almost Every girl will tell u she is wearing hijab by choice it was not forced upon her, so i don't know why some idiots go on about being oppressed while they have a clear answer, i guess being ignorant and narrow minded is free so i rest my case
Thank u buzzfeed and February 1st is world hijab day it is meant to spread awarness u can all join :)
I love that most women in the comments have respect for Islam even though they have different beliefs. Only the men are saying how its indoctrination or how they're not comfortable with it. It's because you can't see boobs or an ass if a woman wears a hijab this just goes to show how you have absolutely no respect for a woman.
The sun doesn't lose it's beauty when it's covered by the clouds. The same way your beauty doesn't fade when being covered by hijab
Every expensive thing is covered
So muslim women are expensive and they are covered :)
People around the world have faught and killed over DIFFERENT religious beliefs for a very long time Christians killed people too in the name if their beliefs but does that make all Christians evil and killers and believe in killing others for their religion? No, so just because a group of people who claim another religion decided to do the same doesn't make them ALL evil and want to kill others either. Think outside your box people and take the time to learn about others instead of spreading ignorant hate. I am guilty of judging people who seem different than me no one is perfect but take some time to get to know things before speaking or acting on those judgments you will be surprised how much your life can change by having an open mind towards people.
I like buzzfeed cuz they respect all aspects of people's life and culture. So many Americans have phobia for people with Hijab. May I remind you all that the women close to Jesus use to cover their hair too. Google it
i think hijabs are beautiful i really respect the women who wear them out in public. it does have a negative efffect on some peole but i think that these women who do wear them are proud and brave. they deserve the upmost respect
There is something oppressive about telling a free human being that they are oppressed for dressing in a manner in which one disagrees with. It's dismissive and constructs a boundary around what freedom is and should be. The women in the video were brave n people should be respected regardless of how they express themselves.
So many good vibes here..
Both Buzzfeed and commentators are wonderful for providing their insight :-)
I wasn't forced to wear my hijab...and 14 years later, I'm still wearing it. I am truly grateful for calling the US a home that gives me the power to dress modestly with confidence, much like my own country of ethnicity.
my choice,
my right,
Wearing the hijab is totally our choice. It represent who we are. For those of you who say that we've been forced to wear it, you're wrong. There are a lot of Muslim women who don't wear it. See its their choice too. But If people stop judging each other, this world would be a better place. Even though every single one of us have different believes and thought doesn't mean we should not respect the others.
Be open minded!!
I just hope anyone watching this listens well and don't misinterprete the meaning of it..
Oppression is when someone tells me I can't wear a bit more fabric than others and cover my head. It's my body and my rules. My family are.not muslim so nobody has forced me. And even before I became muslim, i used to wear hijab sometimes. If a nun can wear it and it be seen as a form of worship. Then I can't see why it's seen different for others. And the people who mistakenly keep saying "their country " well here is a fact. Muslim is not a race. Islam is a religion. And guess what, there are muslims from all over the world. Actually majority of the population of Muslims are.not even from an Arab or.middle eastern country.
Yep and I love this choice. And majority of muslim women also have the choice. And we don't appreciate the fact that we have to explain that it's our choice. Or people just assuming that there is a possibility that I didn't choose.
Many women choose to walk around with everything hanging out. All eyes on them and no secret left. But some are also FORCED as they are slaves to commercialism and trends and feel that they actually look sexy and beautiful, the more then have in show and the more expensive brands they buy, and the more men who tell them they are hot.
Many are forced to believe that the only beauty is the one that society seems to be acceptable or popular.
Minority are forced to do many things.
I'm from the UK and people constantly bang on about freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of speech. Yet some will turn around and try to strip me of MY FREEDOM and MY RIGHT to dress however the hell I feel like dressing without needing validation or the go ahead from anyone. And without having to believe I'm beautiful because everything is on show and people tell me so.
People keep saying but you have a choice. Yes. Yes I do. And would love if people left it at that. My choice, my right, my freedom, my dignity, my modesty, MY BODY.
And so far I have NEVER met a sister who wears hijaab because she was forced to.
But I know a few who feel forced not to wear hijab.
And yet. People still think muslims are from Arab lands or a desert.
I know just 3 Arab muslims in my area.
From Jamaica to Russia to Australia to Indonesia to turkey to Bosnia, to Canada, Mauritius, West Africa, East Africa, south Africa, North Africa, Europe, America, Brazil. Maldives, Madagascar, i can go on.white, black, Asian, mixed, albino.
Muslim is not a race. It's a belief. Myself and ALL the Muslim women I know, have never been forced to wear hijab.
But myself, and many muslim women I know. Have almost felt FORCED to conform and take it off.
Oppression. Oppression from people who think they know what I should be putting on my own body. Oppression from people offended by less than a half a meter of extra fabric wrapped on my head, elegantly falling on my shoulders. Beautifully worn with conviction.
"A symbol of modesty. A symbol of a woman's intellectual ability over her physical beauty and sexuality." I love that.
Being equal? Ummmmm
It's just disgusting that people are looking at this video with such a negative, sickening response. These women are simply looking at life through another's eyes; there is nothing wrong with that. It is respectful and open minded.
Our reason for wearing hijab is solely to please our Lord. 💜😃 this was really good, buzzfeed
Dear Ladies, this is America, you do not have wear a hijab if you do not want to. You have that choice.
Dear Ladies, this is America, you can wear a hijab if you want to. You have that choice.

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