FOUR 6'S IN FOUR DAYS!!! ...and driving 700+ miles!  Lets see if Tom Bailey can pull off a 5th tomorrow in Bowling Green. 6.96 @ 211 on this pass
Published on 12/10/2017
...and driving 700+ miles! Lets see if Tom Bailey can pull off a 5th tomorrow in Bowling Green.
6.96 @ 211 on this pass


have to wonder if his tires are shot from al the driving and causing havoc on him getting down the track. Id guess they will have a new set on tomorrow in BG :)
Is this the guy that drove there pulling a trailer
yeah buddy Chevrolet power!!
thats awesome
Yes, Mike that's him !
Mike Vitelli
hope we see some 6:60's friday when they shoot for the moon
They all drove there pulling a trailer
Its ridicules how that car just hooks up.
That's what I like!!! No trailer queen. I have more respect for cars like this.
Its chevrolet power buddy Dont care to hear your thoughts on it its a Chevrolet car with Chevrolet motor= chevy power
Man u guys need to come to nc. I would love to see these cars at zmax dragway
Road tyres and slicks go on at the track...... The race cars must drive from track to track... Any tools . Parts they must carry by the race car... Same for crew.... They can buy parts along the way... But you can't carry parts in a support car/truck.... Must make a pass at every track..... Best pass at each track is added then a average is worked it from that.... That's your time for working out the winner( best average.... Not best single pass)
@ Eric, these are 1/4 mile passes, not 1/8 !!!
Ya 6.90s in the 1/4 miles is slow?
Learn a thing new everyday lol
He's been driving all week on slicks!
Must have an 03-04 Cobra engine. Those are the best engines ever! Right? (Joking)
Not bad for a daily driver ;)
Scott Meixl
Dude r u sick slow ?
Leviathen D Grimm
Cory Nicholson
Seen it
beast of a car
That is one fast street car great job who every built it
Good good good
Because hooking up and running 6's is for pussies.
Nice smooth run, set up right!
Jake Thurlwell Kyle Dvorak
Lovin that shit!!! Real Street Outlaw!!!
Are they coming back to bg? They were just here last weekend.
Yes to BG. Last race
Don't get me wrong the car is awesome. But I agree w/ what Larson said. This car is a full chassis car, all fiberglass race car. I think that the cars should have to have been a production car w/ a real manufacturers VIN plate. Anyone w/ money could do this w/ today's technology. Either way, congrats to this guy so far! Maybe the 1st person to avg 6s all week! Great job buddy!!
Damn that thing is a monsters
Travis Travis Stene
not what drag week was about ... larry larson was right and i think u should nt be allowed to drag a trailer either no spares should be drive to track race drive to track
Eric Gerdes
When will y'all be here? I'd like to see some racing before I go into work.
Where are the Oklahoma guys like farm truck and murder nova? You know they are the fastest street cars in the world... Lol
Justin Rooke
a little more boost and I think he could have turned a 6.60

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