Foreign Foods You're Eating Wrong

Foreign Foods You're Eating Wrong
Foreign Foods You're Eating Wrong
Published on 10/20/2017
Foreign Foods You're Eating Wrong


Who the hell cuts pasta? -_-
Americans please, learn this about as eat tacos.
Thank God somebody knows what a real taco is 😅
Finally sombody knows how a taco is suppossed to look like 😄
"I'm American, and I'll eat how I want" says the elitist American assholes. It's a matter of respect, have some goddamn respect for those who brought us these delicious meals.
Eating With Your Right Hand Is Sunnah Of Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) which he described 1400 years back,
And Now this century Science proves that we have PROTEASES enzymes on the tips of fingers which help in Digestion
Islam Way , Right way , Peace way
Indian food technique totally right...
Get your hands dirty...
Trust me, I am an Indian.
What an incredibly stupid video. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to eat anything. If you like your sushi completely dunked in soy and eaten with 20 tiny bites, rock on. If you want a crunchy taco with tomatos and cheese, thats what you can have.
Finally! Now let's see if Americans learn how tacos should be.
There are types of sushi that you can eat with your hands. Otherwise, eating nigiri sushi by hand is kinda disrespectful. And mix that wasabi if you like! Most people don't care -- unless you go to some super fancy sushi restaurant. These so called facts are little inaccurate.
At last proper tacos XD
Damn right about the tacos
Rene Rashed
The tacos are so true!! Bobby Bailey
Brian Ladino Martinez Finally SomeOne UnderStands That Taco Bell Tacos Aren't Real Mexican Tacos !
I`ll eat the way I wanna eat.
Who the hell cares?? We eat the damn food the way we freakin want!
Im mexican and I confirm the tacos one. You can add grilled onion or beans, we also side it with pineaplle or cucumber
Shirley Lin Wendy Li Emily Xu Marzia Shirzad ... The sushi
Sing Yee
Yes!!! Finally justice to the taco!!
White people ruined Mexican food lmao
finally an American who actually knows that the tacos served in U.S.A. are everything but tacos.
Cody , Kassie , Kristen
Omar Ontiveros Ailema Duran
Sabrina I want NAAN!!! 👳👳🍞🍞🍲🍲
Angelica Valentine Luca Iaconi-Stewart Gabriel F H Alvarez
Aurora Pascual Brenda M. Garcia
I never saw anyone cut their pasta before :P
Khairul Hafizi Damiri
Soniss Cao
Cristopher Santana Ramirez
Adelita Sis
Kelvin Ho Ho
Saul Gonzalez
Silke Nikoline Nøbbe Pedersen se den sidste
Susie Wong
Mind blowing concept: If people aren't consuming them this way, they're not actually "foreign" foods.
Who cuts their pasta? ._.
Chyrille Anne
Farrukh Farutsi Memon
I knew about the ramen, pasta, and tacos, but not the sushi. Very interesting.
Ryan Finch sushi...
Ron Crom
Renita A. Jones
Yay I'm not eating sushi wrong

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