Ford vs Chevy Irony....

Laugh all you want Mr. Mustang! From the Omaha Ice Cream Cruise car show this weekend - Lsx Willys lending a Mustang a hand
Ford vs Chevy Irony....
Published on 11/19/2017
Laugh all you want Mr. Mustang!
From the Omaha Ice Cream Cruise car show this weekend - Lsx Willys lending a Mustang a hand


All I really saw was a cute redhead.
Should have put that license plate on the front so they could see it.
At the end of the day the mustang owner is taking that red head home so he clearly wins
Let's see more of the redhead
thats BOOSTEDGT's yeller stang
It's "no matter" not "know"...... those air bagged trailers are the shit. I want one so bad
Every one is like Ford this and Chevy that and I'm like damn that's boosted gt in that yellow cobra I bet
Lol the plate means, "sry you had to tow me cause My POS Ford broke"
Wait till he goes to do a burnout and swerves into oncoming traffic like all the other shitty mustangs.
Trailer looks to be a drop and load $$$$$
Tony's car (gray 14) rolls out. Plate suits it just fine.
Sorry lsx for wasting ur time
So many Corvette dreams in here and probably with only Cavalier money
How you gonna bash a ford with boostedGT right beside you
Boosted GT FTW!!!
What's funny is as a vette guy. I don't even remotely feel threatened by a mustang. It's funny how they go to this extremity to express that much hate towards Chevy.
sry lsx because u have to tow my mustang.....just think of the gas mileage fords get from being towed all the time tho lol
That trailer tho
Omar Ipina Marcial Leiva Erik Cantu Diego Ever Contreras Aaron Reyes Rick Cantu
That was a bitchin car trailer!!!
Funny. What about that trailer? That thing is Bad Ass!
ermehgerd, it's BEWSTED! lol
Maxey Trailer MFG. They are on Facebook.
It's funny because no one ever swaps to Ford motors
Kaylynn Bouknight you see that sexy redhead? Lol
Lmaooooo ultimate fail!! Matthew Tamayo
Ford did in fact take bail out money back in the 90's and never paid it back dodge and chevy both have already paid there bail out money back
Again with this bail out.... That doesn't change the fact that ford is shitty
Jared Nabors, is that suppose to be any relation to the English language?
Jody Bridges Maverick Townson
Ur all bashing ford guys for their usual about how all ls guys tgey cyz it's an ls its god, u dumbasses dont even know what's done to the car but yet u sll claim ur aunts best friends uncke would drag it with his ls1...ur jyst as dumb as the ford fanboys now stop dick riding before u catch something that won't wash off
Matt Moore I too have a LS related license plate. Mine says "BYBYLS1"
Is that boosted gts yellow mustang?
I was paying more attention to Bossted GT
The same mustang that broke at sct in muncie... and lost to a G8.
Joe Lewallen this is the 5.0 with the huge fucking turbo lol
FORD Fucked Over Remodeled Dodge
Ryan Jensen
Robin Sanders that trailer doe
Sean Scoles start tagging lol
How about that Jeep lines up against the 5.0.... and find out exactly why those plates back it up...
Kelcie Hauf I was watching a memory video and I thought this was Ceejay ! I guess it could be!
call em out! call em out!!
Anthony Rivas
Mike Manganiello
Daniel KozioĊ‚
What's that handle thing below the plate do, looks pulled out whatever it is ;)
Max Zoscko
Definitely a good laugh
Ben Dackiewicz

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