Food Facts That Will Make You Say “WHAT?!”

Food Facts That Will Make You Say “WHAT?!”
Food Facts That Will Make You Say “WHAT?!”
Published on 11/23/2017
Food Facts That Will Make You Say “WHAT?!”


I salute the janitor that created Flaming Hot Cheetos!!!
I met the janitor who created the Hot Cheetos and told us the story.
He said he did this all the time. He would be there after hours cleaning the area and he would just grab some plain cheetos (ones that didn't have any powder on them yet) and he would just take them home and put hot sauce on them. He was always scared of going up to his bosses and pitch the idea due to him being hispanic. One day he got the courage and went to one of their meetings and pitched his idea (he also took some homemade ones that he made) and they loved it right off the bat.(:
Most shoplifted food is cheese
Maybe because it costs more than gold
Some of these videos are so short it pisses me off...
Just for the Halibut.
I'll bet that guy isn't a janitor anymore at the Cheetos factory!!
The people who built the pyramids were slaves
Frog flavored milk. Sounds like a new mcdonald's drink
k we ALL know the "people" who built the pyramids were actually, in fact, aliens!!!!! duh!
(read this in a sarcastic tone, or don't - either way someone's going to comment and call me stupid because they actually believe that I think the aliens built the pyramids)
Am I the only one traumatized for life about the life frogs in milk thing!? Holy mother of gross!
Dunno about everything else, but because I am Russian and was born and raised there, the "fact" about Russians put frogs into the milk to preserve it, is total horse shit.
Why is no one talking about the fucking frogs in the milk.
Dam I hope that janitor got some profits, my fav chips.
Omg. Laffy Taffy. But great respect to that janitor. If it wasn't for him Idk where I'd be without those hot cheetos. Lmao.
"what kind of fish is this boss"
"i don't know, just label it salmon"
Wait!? The people that "built" the pyramids. I'm pretty sure they were slaves. And "paid" must be a pretty loose term for "kept alive by". Wow!!
Ok I don't think that the people who built pyramids (Egyptian ppl) hadn't been paid with beer
This info is false
Sam Lirette Ashley Morrison Chickens can take over the world.
I would totally steal cheese if I was planning on shoplifting food. Cheese is a gouda choice. (Ha! See what I did there?! Cheese pun!)
Frogs in milk in Finland??? SO NOT TRUE! never heard of that and yet im finnish..
Taylor Braun umm no. At least I hope that's not true. x'D
Anne Macdonald
I hope you realize that the people who built the pyramids where slaves and they actually didn't get paid anything for their labour.
Ashley Turke the second fact made me cry and had to stop watching I was laughing too hard hahahaha
Mirissa Tapia one of these will well bet interesting im sure you will catch it lmao
Dimitri Munro
Vanessa Isabel & Vianna Briceno check out the Hot Cheetos fact in here!!!
Buzz feed gets my attention at least once a day Kenny Johnson
Karen Kingshott CURRYWURST
Maxi Cooper
Dena Donnelly
majority of restaurants label their cod as crab i believe, there's something like that happening in stores as well
Mauricio Miranda
Brendan Wilko
Elissa Blunden actually if you look it up ( I've been studying this) this was a no slave job, farmers would come to work when their crops were flooded by the Nile, or when they weren't getting enough profit
LOL Lindsey Green
Bobby Rowland chickens 3:1 vs humans? I think we prove that lol
The Pyramid's Part ( who built it were Ancient Egyptians) and they didnt have beer :P
Jamie Sharon-David
Irene Raudales
Cheyenne McDonell
Cheese is expensive.
Mercy Morales
Nicholas Serenil
Lorenzo Lobo WOAH :O
Luis A. Rosales
yay more chicken in the world than people!! more chicken for me lol i love chicken lol :p

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