Published on 10/18/2017


So fake
And at that moment, Billy knew, he f**** up.
When you've got more skills with a ball than Messi
Rubbish... Set up's are the worst... Shame on you sport bible...
What's this got to do with sport?
Leanne Mangan you doing sport. Your the girl getting hit with the ball
Men of the throw - Messi
Fake as fuck
Because getting hit with a soft ball like that causes everyone to fall to the ground as if a sniper has got them! FAKE
He's quite clearly looking too see when it's going to hit him. 😂😂
So fake he was watching the ball 😂😂
Way to go Sports Bible, living up to the The LAD Bible's shit content standards (Y)
fake, old mate looks up to time his walk peffectly
Staged as fuck
Chris James I'm finished 😂😂
Hahahaha finish him!!!!!
Sport Bible losing his identity. It is more like Troll Football or something like that
Rehearsed! Shit video...
Finished! Martin
So how would a fly away ball knock u to the ground?
Lebron James nigguh....
Hanna Klein ey das erinnert mich an gestern 😑
Too many people moaning about it being fake... so? It's still funny. Does anyone watch movies? Unless I'm wrong im pretty sure they're fake... no one goes home after going the cinema or something and facebook rants about how fake the movie was. Man up and develop a sense of humour
He looks at the ball but continues to walk into it?
Neymar is that you?
Yoni Akoka en fait quand c drôle tu me tagues pas!!
Neil me shooting three's with anybody that isn't Crawford or Barnes
Man of the match "messi"
Jacky Do the Nick Young 😂😂😂
Kj Joshua Rohan William Sinan Jafar lelz the type of ish we would do I reckon
Staged but still made me laugh
Chelsey you when you play basketball 😉😂😂
Fake as fuck he looked at the ball before it hit him then goes down like that
And his shirt write down football
LeBrownie James
Everyone who said its not even funny its fake stfu please bcuz its obviously fake they just posted it because it was funny jeez
Why is this OK?
Haha bell end

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