Fast Food Calorie Quiz

Fast Food Calorie Quiz
Fast Food Calorie Quiz
Published on 11/19/2017
Fast Food Calorie Quiz


Oh my gosh! How gross! *takes bite of cheese burger* so horrible people can eat that stuff *sips milkshake*
All I got out of that is that sandwiches with bacon are actually better for you
I just want to know why did they make them look
So nasty! When ever I get my food they never look so disgusting!
why did they make all this food look so unappetizing.
Life is so sad when you start counting the calories. 😭😭
What did they do, buy these burgers a month ago then smash them with a hammer??
Don't eat fast food. Enough said.
Haha I always knew shakes had the most calories but idgaf, they're awesome.
Lots of calories for a "salad" if you're on a diet please just eat at home
Thats some hype music for a food comparison segment
Choosing subway sandwich: "I should get this one because it is 20 calories less."
I feel smart, because I guessed them all correctly...I also now feel hungry, so thanks for that, Buzzfeed.
The calorie count on all of these things are astronomical
Thanks for grossing me out and reminding me why I never eat fast food.
I got all of them right. That's disgusting so glad I don't eat fast food.
Crazy how much calories (transfer fat, sodium, sugar, etc) in things so unsatisfying. How about micro/Marco nutrients. Ya know, the stuff that's more important.
Got them all right. Only because all the highest calorie things here I've eaten. Or would eat.
It's funny how little the amount of food you need to eat to get the calories you need is.
I dont care how many calories is the oreo cookie milkshake it tastes delish!
That's not how they look on the advertisements. Lol. Nasty.
The amount of calories in fast food is absolutely criminal! :o
Those burgers looked exactly how they do in real life
This is exactly why I stopped eating fast food!
Fast food really does look quiet gross. 😷
Eat, get fat die or not eat stay slim die...
Just another reminder how unhealthy fast food is...
And this is why I don't eat fast food.
The only fast food I'll eat is Subway, but very seldom. I haven't ate at any other fast food places in 9 years.
Omg !!! I'll Stop eat fast food really enough
Is this how the fast food in America actually looks? I'm from Canada and the fast food I've had has never looked that bad.
Why did they make the food look all nasty?? :/ive never had fast food that looked that inedible
1000 calories for ONE meal this is ridiculous ... this is like more than half of the calories you need in one day
All fast food is ridiculously bad for you. This is why I count calories. I Rather not waste them all on a milkshake or a nasty burger. Who lives like that 😖😖
What's scary is that the calorie count doesn't include the fries and coke. Yikes!
So fast food has a lot of calories in it. Is anyone surprised? There are things you can order, in a pinch, that's not as bad calorie wise.
Wow fast food is disgusting
I don't eat fast food... Problem solved
You know calories don't really matter when it comes to eating real food
I don't even like this kind of fast food
So basically you can either reach your daily caloric intake by consuming lots healthy foods or having ONE burger or HALF a milkshake.
As if they actually count he number of calories !
empty calories
Triple whopper is 895 calories. I work at Burger King
all the sandwiches/burgers etc...looked just as nasty as how they are really served......nothing like the ones in the add or on the menu picture
I've consumed a trillion calories, & that's okay
Thanks buzzfeed. Now I know what to eat that has lots of calories. I am so desperate to gain weight.
I hate fast food
I got all of them right! ^0^ sugar > fat when it comes to cals
I refuse to believe ice cream has calories. Milkshakes are good for the soul

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