Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches Taste Test

Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches Taste Test
Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches Taste Test
Published on 10/20/2017
Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches Taste Test


"McDonald's all day, everyday"
*tastes McDonald's*
"I would only eat this if it was free and there wasn't a banana around"😂😂
I swear all those looked so bad. Do they buy them then film hours later? lol. Ive had a breakfast sandwich from most of those and each one ive gotten looked much better than those lol
Youu left out chick fil a which has the best breakfast chicken biscuits
A homemade breakfast sandwich woould beat them all.
"this tastes like america"
If you're Canadian you know NOTHING beats Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich!! 🍁
Whataburgers breakfast on a bun beats them all
next time have tim hortons wayy better
Brace yourselves: people who don't eat fast food but will comment anyway because they think they're better than you are coming.
Jack in the box breakfast burrito is everything
"if there wasnt a banana around." bitch please, even if there was a Banana..
They need WaWa
Whataburger 24/7.
Chic file a would have owned that taste test.
Forgot Bojangles which clearly has the best biscuits ever. :p
Dunkin donuts is the worst, with the rubbery fake egg and over-buttered layers with bacon (I know they used sausage in this clip for continuity) but their "bacon" tastes like a bunch of rehydrated bacon bits, mashed together to form strips. And even the bread tastes like a science experiment gone wrong!
Jack in the Box!! Yes! They should have put it on sourdough. Best breakfast sandwich, hands down.
bagel with cream cheese ,ham and egg my fav. but i make mine at home fastfood has to much ammonia in their animal and diary products -serious stick a ph test strip to some fast food sometimes its crazy
They should have used McDonald's McGiddle sausage, egg and cheese! Best thing there!
Bless their hearts they just don't know how good Whataburger is
All of this was disgusting.
Dunkin Donuts! Bacon, egg and cheese on a Croissant!
They should make a video saying "People go to Wawa for the first time" Wawa is life, I feel sorry for those that don't know what Wawa is.
"It smells like alcohol and pancakes" hahah
Whataburger would have put the others to shame.
"McDonald's all day, everyday"
*tastes McDonald's*
"I would only eat this if it was free and there wasn't a banana around"
If Chick-fil-A was there chick-fil-a would have won hands down..
WHATABURGER Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit (HBCB) 👌👌👌👌
'this tastes like america' MURICA
Danielle I was just watching this! Lol I like the sausage and cheddar, but they didn't xD I need to try someone else's breakfast sandwich I guess
You should do organic food vs non organic.
Now I'm hungry.
Obviously they've never had a spicy chicken biscuit from Bojangles' for breakfast...because THAT is the shizzzzz
Watch it just for the end comment in the credits, but watch it all the way through for context! Allison Ginn
No tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches? :(
"This tastes like America." I can comprehend what it would taste like.
these are a little off based on the fact that all of them taste like garbage when they arent freshly made and still hott
I like Chick-fil-A! 24/7
They all look like trash. So much easier to just make your own, at a fraction of the cost in the long run and with better quality ingredients.
I really wish we had a Jack in the Box here now.
I wonder if you'd have different results if you had different sandwiches (bacon instead of sausage, and different bread options). Croissants beat biscuits and muffins any day. Also, even with the fake egg, I'll choose a Bacon McGriddle every time.
They don't even look appetizing. Ew no thanks pass so hard.
Biscuitville is the best!
Whataburger's honey butter chicken biscuit trumps all.
None of them,
I love these. Every time. I want to hang out with these people.
Wawa all the way! They're breakfast croissant. Oh dayum!
I work at Jack in the Box and depending on the which cook you have, they can taste so bomb!
DD all the way! I love dunkin.
I bet all my money I could tell which one is McDonalds. Consistency that's there thing man, its like always the same. Also, if they're doing taste tests like this, they all need to be the same sandwich . Like all biscuits, all croissanwiches, etc..

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