Farting In The Hood Prank Gone Wrong !

Farting In The Hood Prank Gone Wrong !
Farting In The Hood Prank Gone Wrong !
Published on 09/20/2017
Farting In The Hood Prank Gone Wrong !


that's not even funny idiot pranks...
stupid guis -_- ,,it;s a praank" its not prank idiots
What did he expect?
About time someone got there ass beat
Stupid prank.
Plain stupid prank! Not funny at all!
you deserved it.
they are stupid -_-
Accident farting really is funny but intentionally farting in ur face was mean. They should've learn their lesson by now.
You have no respect asshole
About time
😃fucking idiots
Stupidity but its lol ...
now you know you shoulndn't fart at people especially at black one's
Ember :)
Why taking risk for childish stupidity! The world is sick!!
ok stupid
debilai visiski
if u prank on me like that you will be shot
not good
To funny
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die vindt ik leuk hahahaahahhahah echt cool man hahhaha
Its not funny..stupid👎
gets what he deserves not funny id thump him too blooody childish
Stupid ass fools. They deserved to get beat up. They were asking for it
Stop farting while black ppl is there
Sur quelle site peut on voir toute ces vifeo
Stupid is as stupid does lol
tako treba batine
Yu okay! !!
Nomz Taseski
Emre Cakıroglu Yunus Emre Yılmaz
Enes Yegin Dawid Gradoń

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