Fans Take The Selena Quiz And This Is What Happened

Fans Take The Selena Quiz And This Is What Happened
Fans Take The Selena Quiz And This Is What Happened
Published on 12/11/2017
Fans Take The Selena Quiz And This Is What Happened


No freaking way..... A Selena video?! BuzzFeed+1
Jlo was honestly the best actress to play her. Nobody could have done it better. :)
I'm going to go put on Selena music, and do the washing machine!
Um should have played a Selena song on the background... Duh! Bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi bom bom 🎶🎶🎶🎶
The saddest thing is that she should still be here 💔
Why did they ask people in L.A.? They should have asked the people in Corpus Christi.. Smh! RIP Selena.. 🌹🌹
That's an easy quiz lol
Rest in Peace Selena <3 (:
Wow that was the easiest Selena quiz ever. I love Selena
I know a lot about here, these were easy questions lol but wow, buzzfeed doing a video about Selena made me happy!
I thought this was a quiz about Selena Gomez.
All of them. Selena forever!
Who though this was for selena gomez
What little Spanish I know is from singing her music growing up. Loved her!
Like if you thought they were talking about selena Gomez
I remember exactly where I was in Corpus Christi when she passed.... Tom Browne middle school 6th grade. Very sad day we sat and cried
My mom was best friends with Selena!
It took me more time than I can admit to figure out they weren't talking about Selena Gomez 😳
Selena is the queen!
I hate when people always down play Jlo when the topic of selena comes up. Like they are both amazing and talented 💁🏻
I watched the selena movie twice in spanish class ;)
I wonder who's the Selena fan at BuzzFeed...
Long live her spirit and influence!!!
They should've done the spins! she always did spins, but great video. I am a huge Selena fan, myself :)
I don't get all the hype behind Selena. Same with Beyonce...
"Lo que sea por Saliiiinas ese!!"
BuzzFeed, you could have done better than this...
Selena!! Of course we know the answers!!
My dad's grandma use to baby sit her when Selena was younger.I heard personal stories about her and it was a cool experience.
Selena? Who the hell is Selena.
Buzzfeed I already rated you... But this makes me rate you even more!!! An Aaliyah and left eye Lopez quiz will make me rate you eeveeeennn mooooooooorrreeee❤️❤️
why not hit the streets of Corpus Christi TX where we have a Selena statue and Selena museum, and also where the Selena festival was held?!
Selena with an "S" it was weird ! lol 😂😂😂😁
Only negative about Selena is that Lopez became famous by playing her...
i have the same bday as selena
Anything for Selenas
Buzzfeed you the real mvp.
A moment of silence for those who doesn't know her.. international ppl
This made my night. 😍🙌🌹
Forget the like button, where is the loveeeee button!
Can we do for those living on the East Coast? NJ/NYC? I'll take out my camera and round up the true fans.
Wow can't believe it's been 20 years
The quiz was easy my mom played her music all the time when I was kid and we always watched her movies
Long live Selena
Anything for Selenaasssss
Selena made it in the cut! Buzzfeed just became real! 👏👏🙌👌
My mother use to do child care and she babysat this little boy named Ezekiel, Ezekiel lived with his grandma and she would come pick him up, and I always thought... Wow she looks just like Selina! We'll one day we went to drop Ezekiel off at his grandmas instead of her picking him up. My mom went inside and saw a huge picture of Selena that said "she sings with the angels" and then Ezekiel's grandmother told my mother that Selina was her cousin and they grew up together! I thought it was so cool!

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