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lol stephanie fail
Published on 10/18/2017
Vine: Funnyvinevideos
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guys guys she is a blonde
I must say I was surprised. I figured the whole display would topple over on her - never figured she would be able to get to the top, let alone fall in. LOL
How stupid could she be
O que ela tentou fazer??? ahuehuhea
Michael Cuevas i wonder is she would stick her finger into a piping hot cig lighter n a car also... "Oooo orange, that doesnt mean its hot right?!" Ahaha
Once I saw the white girl I knew it was something going wrong lol...
Arianna Uvallee OH FUCK NA ! why you making fun of me xDD sike .___. Lmao Ahaa we should try that one day xD
Stephanie Michelle Yahaira Roman Yuzellie Stephanie Garcia Schneider Hyppolite !!! lmfaoooo!! Bianca Borno
Michelle Martinez
good one fuck face :0
tinha que ser loira ¬¬
Ayyyy Baru!! Rudy Sanchez Emilio Balderas Kevin Paez Eric Antu
Matt Almeida Laressa PaivaAna Paula MUITO A NOSSA CARA
This is me
Eve Doll Polina Onishchenko Nikita Ababii
good fo u
Puuta prejuiso man '-' essa é duente
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk IDIOTA
Maddison Taylor now this is you
Oh Balma
Por pendeja hahahahaha ha
Lol she coulda juss crawled threw the rubber bands hahaha
SMH....and her parents let her do that while they record her stupidity....everything is funny til she get hurt and wanna sue!
Jim Guallpa you shouldve done it today lmfao :3
how the person who was filming did to not laugh? LOL
Qual foi a intenção ?

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