Facts Of Life For People With Tattoos

Facts Of Life For People With Tattoos
Facts Of Life For People With Tattoos
Published on 12/11/2017
Facts Of Life For People With Tattoos


30 years ago tattoos were relatively rare and actually got your attention. Now someone only gets your attention if they don't have them. The novelty has worn off.
Lol "tattoos make you cooler than your friends"
If you believe bullshit like that you were never cool. Tattoos or no.
on one note the one bad tattoo is true and never get drunk and let your drunk friend tattoo you
Why do I feel like people with tattoos act like they are a different human specie.
uhh... not cooler than anyone, sorry to say. Other people are not jealous, sorry to say. Get over yourself.
I hate it when people say to me "you know that's going to be on you forever" well yeah...
Tattoos are sooo last year
how is getting tattoos make any one cool?
Who doesn't have a tattoo now? I got tattooed to be different but now it's cooler not to have one..
I wish I could find that greeting card for my mom 😝
If you have them you get judged which in a way makes people with them better because people with them don't judge people without them
Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Would you similarly injure your heart, liver or brain?
"People with tattoos will never have good jobs. Did you think about all that before you got tatted"? Never knew that seeing as to how I work for the government. Never crossed my mind. 😑
having tattoos doesn't make you cool..
I have over a 100 tattoos or more I lost count
Tattooed people don't care if you're tattooed or not
I don't think tattoos are that cool
I fucking hate people grabbing limbs to see tattoos or lifting my shirt.
I love, love, LOVE the Clone High reference!!!!
One of my friends asked me "why don't you get air brushed tattoos?" Smh.
Sara Winland 😎 love my tattoo. Love your tattoos. I have ONE and this is so freaking true!
Tatoos mean nothing today...every dick and harry has one.
you forgot to say when is freezing outside and they are wearing no sleeves, they are never cold...super powers!
So you're cooler because you have tattoos?😂 don't get me wrong I love them but really...
The only difference between people with tattoos and people who don't is that people who have the tattoos could care less if you have one or not....
The first 15 seconds of this video is me looking at your tattoos 😂 Shanna N. Lynch
When people ask me why I don't have a tattoo, I just say, "have you ever seen a bumper sticker on a Ferrari or Lamborghini?
My mom actually approves of me getting tattoos all over my body. I'm getting full back, sleeves, and chest tattoos. I told her and she was like "cool!" And even said she'd pay for some of it for me too
oh and "what is it gonna look like when you're old"? at least I'm gonna have something to "unwrinkle" and see a kick ass pic I got when I was kick ass young!!...and not just sit and look at my wrinkles that everyone around me has...so boring
I relate to all of these except breaking my mother's heart because she's tattooed too 😂😂
Marselo Peña me with your tattoos lol
People are way too trendy nowadays. Tattoos used to be cool. Rebellious. Now every dweeb has an arm full of pointless tattoos just to be like the next person. I see a tattoo nowadays I automatically assume you're a follower.
Don't have em don't want em waste of money just to put ink on yourself. I know more people with tattoos then without. Sheep, who needs tattoos to look cool or remember a loved one that's what a mouth and brain are for. Plus when you die it rots with you, solid investment. If you got em good for you if you don't good for you too.
Vanessa Claudomir 😚😚 your tattoos are what makes you who you are hun!
Everyone on here hating on tattoos. #Jealous #TattooedAndProud #WeAreCoolAsHell
Eh I don't really like this video. Saying that as someone who has tattoos. Idk, just seemed kinda childish.
If everyone was tattooed or clean-skinned, if everyone had the same views and interests, the world would be very. Very. Boring. Tattooed people and non-tatted people alike are apart of what makes the world a beautiful place! If tats make you feel cool, then you've found a self-esteem booster. If you like you clean skin, then keep it that way ☺️ lets stop arguing over something so silly!
Thalia Andrade get the knuckle tattoos from the end of the video irl
I don't need tattoos to be cooler than all my friends B')
What about the, you'd probably not get the job? In countries other than the US, they'd probably think you're a criminal, and finally, you probably just got that because it was trendy, like getting one arm fully tattooed with asian colorful fish, which every other person with tattoos has, which went from seem cool to annoying, repetitive, and so not trendy nor original at all, oh but your tattoo is still there...sorry
I have a star wars tattoo on my chest I don't remember ever getting I woke up and was like "Oh cool, I guess"
I like when people admire my tattoos like a weirdo, my mom bought me my first tattoo so she doesn't care, all my tattoos have meanings so please ask me about it, and my tattoos don't make me cooler than anyone else.
I dont get tatted to "look cool"
The "every one breaks your moms heart more" is bs, the only reason I got my first tattoo was because my mom got it & asked me if I wanted to get it to so we have a matching tattoo. & she paid for my second tattoo as my 17th bday present.
as if i have tattoos to be cool, i honestly don't give a damn about popularity or shit like that lol
Having tattoos doesn't make you cool. But having sick ass work done is pretty dope tho.
Tattoos are pointless to me, first of all. One or two tatts is ok, but more is just not attractive. I have too many scars, they have about the same meaning as any tattoo. I don't cut, just done stupid stunts, got into too many fights etc.
Shit I was 14 when I got my first tattoo. And my mom told me I could get it now I'm 17 with 7 tattoos, 💉
They forgot to mention people always say "how are you going to get a good job with those tats."

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