Facts About World Police

Facts About World Police
Facts About World Police
Published on 11/19/2017
Facts About World Police


U.S police should take notes from the other countries!
Japan country with Martial arts to stop people.... nice!
lol i live in Egypt and there is no Police on Camels...haha silly people
Brace yourselves. Here come all the copblock law students that graduated from Facebook of law.
Roller blades surprised me the most...😲😲
So in conclusion if police don't carry guns there's less gun crime
none of it surprised me but the russian skirt thing pissed me off.
I want a cape and rollerskates
Fuck the police worldwide
...right, cause the nypd covers 5 boroughs, and "employees" doesn't mean cops. If you're going to post "informational" stuff, don't be misleading.
Is it sad it didn't surprise me you'd be misleading with information about cops in the USA and England...
That 'Merica/cops kills their own people
USA culture glorifies the use of guns. How can you post this video subtly bashing the USA police system when the country itself promotes citizens to be armed and tells them how cool it is to use a gun? Such a ridiculous video.
Rare UK gun crimes. No, it didn't. That made sense. Brazilian officers having to use two non-lethal weapons before opening fire. No, that was also a good idea. Japanese police not shooting people that are running. Sorry, that also made a lot of sense.
To all of the U.S. Police haters out there, go on a ride along before you open your mouth and think you have a valid point. You don't know what they go through everyday, of course the media's going to point out every misstep with the cops but when it comes to saving a life there's no headline. Pisses me off that these officers risk their lives for public safety and all the public has to offer is hatred back to them. Who are you going to call when u get into a life or death situation, or even your vehicle being tampered with? The cops. Don't be a hypocrite.
You told about indian police but not about Pakistan police
What surprised me the most was the fact that in almost every slide you tried to undermine the cops in America. Every country has different laws. You want to show facts get the right ones like german cops will beat the fuck out of you if you refuse to do what they tell you to do the first time.
Yeah US cops need to be trained by the U.K. and Japanese.
Police capes look cool, too bad they aren't really heroes...
I love how this video is subliminally bashing the U.S. policing system.
I surprised when I saw Afghan police doing absolutely nothing when wild men killed and burnt an innocent woman. I guess it's not even right to call them police :'(
This video is FUBAR.
You forgot to say that the Military Police in Brazil that was securing the world cup is one of the polices that kills more people in the entire world
When I started playing this I heard the police car noises. Paused it, and I heard actual police cars driving by in a distance, what a coincidence
Only Police in America MURDER people for the color of their skin or bc they are different.
They're pigs
That's a fact.
The fact that you do not know how to properly use 'police'.
So...time to go be a police officer in France so I can ride rollerblades. :D
They don't carry firearms in South Korea either, & gun related crimes are also rare.
Facts about Police: Police are Police
Philippine police are unique. (Must know)
sometimes police are so scary 😂
like this comment for no reason
What surprised me the most…? The fact that you didn't bring up the American police system's corruptness…
yea a police video to show us how f**ked they are!
Can I just say the monument police are bad ass. They ride camels nuff said.
And Japanese police can give a beat down. And not shoot. And people over there do not complain about police brutality?
One: How did I know the NYPD would be first? Capitalizing on the Swedish Police officers (off duty) stopping those two bums on the Lex the other day? Two: I'm getting annoyed with media. If it ain't "race", it's the police.
I live in France. All cops wear caps and the cops hate their job and let you get away with Mrs deminers like smoking pot or passing a red light :)
What surprised me the most is that Mexico police did not figure in the video.
If we didnt have so many idiots in america our cops wouldn't need guns. But im glad I can own and carry. Try to hurt my family.
South African police can be bribed. It's expected. Even worse are the traffic cops. I don't feel safe around police. Got pulled over one night (sober), had my car searched and felt scared shitless.
America is the only place where police have dark cars to hide easier. Everywhere else, the cars are light so anyone who needs help, they can be spotted.
Guns in the UK- there's a law behind that. Of course there's less gun crime there, they don't use them every time someone tries to run away or say a mean thing 😂
It's plain ._. Will be better if you said *Thanks to all our policemen/policewomen etc etc! at the end of the video. I was so amazed with the service of the policemen in US. They are so quick unlike in the Philippines -.-
What surprised me most was the ignores me and underlying political statement that police shouldn't carry. That's a load of crap. Every officer should have a gun.
like for no reason
No guns No gun crime. Take note rest of the world.
Like if u like pizza 🍕
Yeah I live in Japan. Doubt I will ever see any cops pursue anything that involves them using martial arts (since the crime rate is so low)...but it would be SO COOL to witness haha
About Brazil, that "non-lethal" it's only to look good because they don't hesitate on shooting before asking. Sad true.

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