Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe

Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe
Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe
Published on 10/20/2017
Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe


So Buzzfeed just forgot that Ester Dean (Cynthia Rose), has written almost all of Rihanna's smash hits, she's written for Beyonce' and who could forget Nicki Minaj's Super Bass?
I can't see Anna and Skyler together! That is so weird! *awkward moment you realize Anna Camp and Anna Kendrick are both Anna's*
Adam Devine? Aca-cant believe how familiar that name sounds 😉
I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake!!😂😂
Dog breeder? Really? Like we need more dogs without homes.
Crushed it.
The burrito tho haha
these aren't facts about pitch perfect. Theyre facts about the actors.
Lez.be.honest 😂
Aca-believe it!
I love Rebel Wilson 😌
You didn't have to put the Aca in front of believe.... Smfh.
To "pitch" the movie 😂😂
Like if you're gonna see Pitch Perfect 2 😁
why put aca in every word -_-
No one cares
O-M-ACA-G! Didn't know that part with Brittany Snow tho. Its cute! Any #Bechloe shipper here? 😁
Wonder what the other movies would've been though
Best... Movie... Ever!
Aca-scuse me?
I can't be the only one who thinks she's got a serious case of resting b*tch face.
Get ready to pitch-slapped
Anna Kendrick? Nope she is stacey pilgrim...Or Chuck Testa, I don't know.
The burito Part xD 😂😂😂
Busy planning mine and Anna's wedding.
Anna Kendricks was also in an amazing movie called Camp the Movie!
Rebel Wilson is also a lawyer
Writer Kay Cannon went to my high school!
Before I click play. I thought I saw bitch facts. Lol
Vanessa We
A-ca-awesome lol
Y'all I'm watching the world premiére tomorrow! HELL YES.
OMG will all of you shut up about how over populated dogs are. No one has a right to say what she should and shouldn't do so calm down there is something wrong about every profession 😒
For some odd reason when I turn my head and look at the video the background seems to move for me O-O
...So ya'll are just gonna ignore the fact that Ester Dean is a musical genius?
Did you also know that Anna Kendrick is a scientologist.
Does anyone even remember Anna Kendricks' performance in the twilight series??
i knew most of these.....maybe i should take a break from the web...and tv for a while
ehhh hello Shakespeare here i come
Saw her on jimmy fallon last night. The girl never stops talking!
Omg, Rebel Wilson would have that crazy of a back story, lol....
I knew about Anna Camp and Skylar Astin. I follow both on Instagram and they're ways posting pictures together
This was so dumb. I can't believe I watched it. I can't believe I wanted to watch it.
I'm so excited to see my cousin, Liz's sequel! ACA-AMAZING!!!!
Don't like Anna camp now. Thanks for giving me 2 reasons.
Anna camp and skylar astin are so cute together!!! and my queens are Kendrick and Snow :* :*
Kat Lisay
Why does the media make malaria seem like it's that dangerous? I mean if you get it, you treat it with a few pills, and in less than 3 days it's gone.

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