Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe

Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe
Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe
Published on 08/22/2017
Facts About The Pitch Perfect Cast You Won’t Aca-Believe


So Buzzfeed just forgot that Ester Dean (Cynthia Rose), has written almost all of Rihanna's smash hits, she's written for Beyonce' and who could forget Nicki Minaj's Super Bass?
I can't see Anna and Skyler together! That is so weird! *awkward moment you realize Anna Camp and Anna Kendrick are both Anna's*
Adam Devine? Aca-cant believe how familiar that name sounds 😉
I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake!!😂😂
Dog breeder? Really? Like we need more dogs without homes.
Crushed it.
The burrito tho haha
these aren't facts about pitch perfect. Theyre facts about the actors.
Lez.be.honest 😂
Aca-believe it!
I love Rebel Wilson 😌
You didn't have to put the Aca in front of believe.... Smfh.
To "pitch" the movie 😂😂
Like if you're gonna see Pitch Perfect 2 😁
why put aca in every word -_-
No one cares
O-M-ACA-G! Didn't know that part with Brittany Snow tho. Its cute! Any #Bechloe shipper here? 😁
Wonder what the other movies would've been though
Best... Movie... Ever!
Aca-scuse me?
I can't be the only one who thinks she's got a serious case of resting b*tch face.
Get ready to pitch-slapped
Anna Kendrick? Nope she is stacey pilgrim...Or Chuck Testa, I don't know.
The burito Part xD 😂😂😂
Damn nevermind the fact that esther dean has written multiple top charting records for most of our favorite artists...
Busy planning mine and Anna's wedding.
Anna Kendricks was also in an amazing movie called Camp the Movie!
Rebel Wilson is also a lawyer
Writer Kay Cannon went to my high school!
Before I click play. I thought I saw bitch facts. Lol
Vanessa We
A-ca-awesome lol
Y'all I'm watching the world premiére tomorrow! HELL YES.
OMG will all of you shut up about how over populated dogs are. No one has a right to say what she should and shouldn't do so calm down there is something wrong about every profession 😒
For some odd reason when I turn my head and look at the video the background seems to move for me O-O
...So ya'll are just gonna ignore the fact that Ester Dean is a musical genius?
Did you also know that Anna Kendrick is a scientologist.
Does anyone even remember Anna Kendricks' performance in the twilight series??
i knew most of these.....maybe i should take a break from the web...and tv for a while
ehhh hello Shakespeare here i come
Saw her on jimmy fallon last night. The girl never stops talking!
Omg, Rebel Wilson would have that crazy of a back story, lol....
I knew about Anna Camp and Skylar Astin. I follow both on Instagram and they're ways posting pictures together
This was so dumb. I can't believe I watched it. I can't believe I wanted to watch it.
I'm so excited to see my cousin, Liz's sequel! ACA-AMAZING!!!!
Don't like Anna camp now. Thanks for giving me 2 reasons.
Anna camp and skylar astin are so cute together!!! and my queens are Kendrick and Snow :* :*
Kat Lisay

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