Facts About Mayweather Pacquiao

Facts About Mayweather Pacquiao
Facts About Mayweather Pacquiao
Published on 10/20/2017
Facts About Mayweather Pacquiao


Fact : Pacquiao will be taking the WIN on May 2nd.
Like this if you're a certified #TeamPacquiao
Fact: Mayweather can't read the facts you posted in the video
Fact: Mayweather is an egotistical disrespectful and money orientated ass hole
... and a woman beater
This is more like, 'Mostly facts about Mayweather and some about Pacquiao'. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it, but I would have loved to seen some more facts about him.
Regardless or who wins and loses the fight pacquiao is the winner because he has an amazing heart and Mayweather is a money hungry douche
Mayweather has been knocked down in a couple of matches. He never been knocked out.
Do you think Floyd is going to beat Mayweather?
You failed to mention Pacquiao is a Christian. :)
He'll be winning.
There were more facts you could have added for Pacman.
He used to work as a baker and construction worker in Manila to make ends meet.
He sold ice candy around his neighborhood when he was 8 years old to help her mom who was selling vegetables and rice cakes.
He didn't finish elementary because they could not afford it.
Kick his ass, Manny. Mayweather is a criminal.
Floyd has been knocked down several fucking times gtfo
Seems like this video is biased with Mayweather. Anyway, kick his ass, Manny. BEST OF LUCK!!!
All the way from Philippines ❤
Buzzfeed seriously? Mayweather got knocked down when he fought Maidana... The hell have you been watching? Did Mayweather pay you to put that bs in this video?
#TeamPacquiao !!!!!! Knock him out Manny!!!
Another fun fact: Mayweather is a total piece of shit, and pacquiao is beloved in his country.
Pacquiao has never lost when entering the ring as the underdog
The only reason Mayweather is "undefeated" is that he is a too much of a little bitch to fight boxers who can actually fight. He always chooses people he knows he can beat. This is the first real fight of his whole worthless life...and he is going to lose it.
Manny pacquiao all the way 👏💕✌️
Anyone els ?😝
#Pacquiao win or lose he is our peoples champ. ♡ booyah mayweather
This should have been facts about Mayweather is he paying y'all too?
PacMan ftw
Manny Pacman Pacquiao FOR WIN! GO PACMAN! #PHILIPPINES! 💪👊
#manny we love you manny that's coming from a Mexican fan!!!
The last statement on Pacquiao though. (y)
Fact: Mayweather PAID to win.
Mayweather said if Pacman agreed to fight right handed, he would've took the fight a long time ago. Why would you want someone to fight not at their best? Coward. 47-1 come tonight.
Like if your team pacquiao 😋
I believe Mayweather's pride and arrogance will be his downfall
more like, "facts about Mayweather and least about Pacman" 😒 bet you're on Mayweather's ass.
Buzzfeed can be so biased. And it shows in this video. -_-
Fackkkk!!! I have so much anxiety!!team pacman!!!
Like this comment. Just coz you can. Good day
Mayweather HAS been knocked down. By Carlos Hernandez and zab judah! Buzzfeed doesn't know shat about boxing
That money difference though :/
This video was completely bias in favor of Pacquiao
Mayweather had to share a bedroom with family members? Aww he sure had it rough. All Manny had to endure was working in the streets, trying to make money to survive with no possible welfare options...
Fact:99% of the world votes for pac man.
Fact: win or lose Manny Pacquiao is a humble person and not a show off. #TeamPacquiao
That was mostly about mayweather! Do a better video on Pacquiao... one that showcases his amazing story and personality. The pride of the Philippines! <3
Actually mayweather has been knocked down. The second the guy threw the punch the ref stopped the fight to let him get his balance back. The ref basically fixed the fight.
This video is so biased to mayweather ._. Srsly, buzzfeed?
The last one is a complete lie. Mayweather was knocked down to one knee but the ref never called it.
like this 🇵🇭 for pacquiao
Mayweather will die soon.
Fact: PAC is gonna beat Gayweather's ass
The fact they had more facts for Mayweather than Pacquiao...
Fact: mayweather is actually the underdog
Go Pacquiao!!!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Reading the comments makes me proud that I'm a Filipino. Buzzfeed needs more info about Pacquiao💁🏻

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